Scotticher, I'm sorry

I distinguish between an apology and saying I’m sorry. I can apologise without being sorry.
I re-read your first post, after thinking about your second, and have come to the conclusion that while I may have not been so out of line to make some retort or other, the remark I did make was quite out of line. Your post did not merit my response.
I’m sorry.
Giraffe- a little less so, but again, I’m sorry. And also, to ramble a bit, my way of conveying that I’m over it, not feeling any hostility, in the way of patching things up, so forth, I would like to say that in a previous incarnation as a printer, two of my fingers had the first joint pulled off in a press. Since then, I have treasured my little, fingernail-less, prehensile, jointed stubs. I dare say I am not the only one…
With the waaaambulance and the no posts, I began to enjoy our exchange. In particular,

had me laughing. Sometimes I find things to be absolutely hilarious, that other people may find only funny.
No aplogy here, I believe we both gave as good as we got- just wanted you to know I enjoyed it, and hope you did too.

Tech chick
Again, after re-reading, I see that you weren’t completely hostile to me, that my hostility exceeded yours.
I am sorry.

Apologies accepted and I apologize in return for my not-so-harsh posts, but did have a few jabs in them…


I know you apologized to most everyone of the members involved and I am sure most will be appreciated however I do think you owe Lynn, Czarcasm and Euty and apology as well. I think your broad assumptions, your accusations of inconsistancy and overall pain in the butt behavior needs to be apologized for.

All the mods that work on this board and do so for free, out of a dedication to The Straight Dope and the results by which Cecil stands for, eradicating ignorance.

You have to remember they are human, things will not always go as we want them to on the boards I see things happen that I disagree with but generally I blow it off with them. But with what they do, with the amount of members, the clashes of members, the love shown by members etc…this board is not an easy board to administer. I am a moderator of a smaller board and that can be difficult at times, I have a very small understanding of what goes on, in comparison.

With accepting your apology to me for saying some very strong things, I also am asking that you look to what transpired and say a sorry to them as well. They do a lot for these boards and without them, this board would be nothing but a typical usenet group that has little or no sense of community. This is a community here and the mods/admins are the leaders, even if not voted into office. :wink:

So if nothing else, at least think about it. You don’t have to let us know, you can email them if you feel that I might be right in what I am saying.

Anyhow, go find some GQ questions to answer or an MPSIMS thread to have fun in, or drop by IMHO and give your opinion on a movie…just have fun.


Apology accepted, and I appreciate the fact that you had the grace to offer one. As far as I am concerned, any interaction that we had in that thread is forgotten. I hope that you feel the same way.

Welcome aboard, and I hope that you have more fun around here in the future.


inor- good move on your part. You DO understand that if you make our dear Scotti upset, that about 20 guys with ballbats will converge on you, right? And one of them will be me? :smiley:

She is too sweet to be mean to.
Note -you would not have to worry about the “20 guys” if you upset Techchick- you just hafta worry about HER. The “20 guys” COULD be a safer bet… :smiley:

Apologies in the Pit? inor using caps? Good showing all around?

I give it a -2.5 as rants go.

I give it a 9.5 a class act.
Nice showing.

later, Tom

Refusal to even ATTEMPT to use proper capitalization, spelling and grammar is the first sign of a temporary poster.

Trying to win a fight with an Administrator is another one.
Smart moves on dropping both of those habits.

You have to kind of look at this place as a shiny version of hell. The mods LOOK alright, but do you really have any idea how they become a mod? They are especially gifted at being evil. They are even known to cloak their evilness by appearing fair and evenhanded at times. They really only do that so they can lash out and cause the most damage and confusion when they choose to really attack.

If you happen to be a victim of one of these attacks, the best course of action is to apoligize and leave the thread. You’re a new guy, the most likely scenario is that nobody noticed:)

If you hang out for a really long time and get a couple thousand of posts under belt, then the rules are different.

Then, you bang heads. Start a major rift, get ripped on by a good half of the board. All the mods and Adminitrators come in to pounce on you, finally, you get to lose anyway:)

Unapology accepted! (or is that unaccepted?) :wink:

I never had any problem with you, inor, I just thought you were being a tish whiney. You seem to have gotten over it, though, so we’re kosher.

Thank you for your very gracious remarks. And T, S, F, and You too, J.

But flathead in particular- now, realize please, I am simultaneously biting my lip to keep from busting out all over the place, and my eyes are wide with horror at what almost happened here- (and this is for humorous purposes-ok?)
I was thinking of posting a flame to the people who posted in the thread that started all this, that I hadn’t apologised to personally, or responded in some other way personally, and, well, it was going to start out like this (o lord, I hope you laugh-thinking about my last attempt at humor…)

You hill-bred, ill-bred, genetically compromised, flatheaded brother-fuckers…

Again, all all of you who have posted above have exhibited very large graciousness, and I thank You.
To the mods and admins involved with the recent debacle-
I still feel how I feel, but:
Techchicks post above there, condensed, says, (to me), "inor, you got no idea sometimes. You start thinking you’re way, way too hot shit. You gotta get out more, get a better perspective on your living-alone, King-of-your-universe self.
In other words, I can see and agree with much of what she has to say.
I do not demean what you are doing here- it’s commendable, worthwhile, needed.
I took exception with what happened, and still feel that way. But, I admit I don’t know it from your end of things.
I aplogise if I did make a weekend more complicated for you than it had to be.
**Eutychuss[/]-exactly as with Scotticher- I re-read, and feel that while I would have been justified in some kind of retort, the one I chose to make was over the top. That one in particular has left a bad taste in my mouth.
I am not groveling or trying to get in good or anything, but I wanted you to know I am sorry for that remark.

Thank You

a) May I have a link, please?

b) Thank you for making up to Scotti, she’s probably the sweetest person on the boards and I think I would have to hurt you for saying anything mean to her.

c)Hi Opal!

Medeas Child

It ain’t so pretty, (though it has some humorous moments…)but here, in chronological order, are the links:

I didn’t include links, cuz I thought pretty much (it felt like it) everyone knew about it- had at least taken a gander at it, and because it’s looong.

But, I thought you were there? Thought I saw your name somewhere in it. Maybe I’m wrong…

I may have been…if anyone truly deserves to be flamed for being a clueless idiot that would be me. I’m just that lost/flakey…

Thanks for the background.

Medea’s Child-
Reading your second post here, I thought, ‘Oh, she’s just being modest/nice…’
Then I noticed the number of posts you have- being still a little wary after this weekend, I thought, ‘No, she’s diabolically disguising the nastiest, cleverest sarcasm as sweetness and light!’
Then, I looked at your profile, and thought, ‘Dang, no, she really is nice and one of those people who lives in movies but you never see in real life, and if you do, you are automatically, (even if you are me- I have the worlds only case of non-fatal rabies to date- had it for years, it’s getting quite advanced…) very nice to, the kind that can make you feel all clean inside.’
So then, I clicked on the latest post:

and realized that whatever else, you’re my kind of bent.
So, I have two questions-
Of the posibilities above, which is it? I’m guessing all of those at times, and more not mentioned.


Can I use that quote as a sig?

well, and i guess one more thing- if you really are all those things, and that nice to boot, what would you say to moving to montana, sharing a trailer with a rabid old guy (it’s ok, it’s past the transmittable stage…), 4 shaggy, shedding dogs, one of whom is actually insane- he actually watched a good portion of ‘the patriot’ the other night- i’ve never seen a dog do more than glance at a tv unless there was a dog barking on it- but it’s not that, it’s these other things he does…- many, many cats- i am, alas, one of those types of people you read about after they die and they have all these cats? y’know the kind?
it’s really cool- this is the worst area around here, so you can do anything, have cars up on blocks, rusty shit lyin all over the place etc- hey, i’m tryina make this as attractive as i can here…

*Originally posted by inor *
You hill-bred, ill-bred, genetically compromised, flatheaded brother-fuckers…

Well, inor, try not to piss yourself when you hear the Harleys at your door. My brothers just want to have a ‘talk’ with you! Nah, I laughed at your reference, you twisted fuck. It’s a sick world, and I’m a happy guy! Have fun on the board inor!

later, Tom.

Thanks Flatty-
I checked your pic on the mems page- all of a sudden your handle clicked- doh!
When I get the money one of these days, I’m gonna change my name to

Thanks for the compliment- no one’s called me that in sooo long. My soul was drying up…

inor, I am really curious…what does your username mean?

And thank you so much for your kind words, Kathryn and Daniel. I love you guys! If I didn’t want to get skewered for flirting in the pit, I would drag the old hot tub off the truck…


Hey Scotticher-

Means, roughly, bridge builder in some variant of irish. Supposedly we’re related (on the connelly side) to Brian Boru, which, supposedly means we’re related to the Kennedys. But, I hear tell, lotsa Irish’ll tell ya they’re directly descended from Boru, so I don’t know about the veracity of that. (I’m not strictly Irish)
And personally, from myself and others that I know about in the fambly, I suspect the name means something closer to ‘those rotten bastards that hang out under the bridge tryina rob you, but dont’ worry, they’re so drunk alla time tellin tales they couldn’t hear ya if ya walked across it on 8 Belgian draft horses. But be after watchin yer gardens and whiskey, faith…’ (The tellin tales part I think is cool- what I wanna do when I grow up- some of my posts are practice…)
Whew! Feels like I just did a Staff Report, sorta.
Really, we’re not that bad, I just like to poke fun.
Michael Joseph Beechinor, glad ta meetcha.
Well, that’s probably way more than you wanted to know, so now, your turn: Scotticher?
(Odd that you asked, I was jsut wondering myself earlier today about your name…)

Oh, and to hell with this- I got this hand thing where I type the word ‘just’ as jsut all the time- I’ve even taken Marylin Vos Savant’s advice to redo it 10 times correctly every time I catch myself doing it wrong- still to no avail. So, I’m jsut gonna have to face facts, jsut gonna have to face possible ridicule in any flame wars, er, debates I get into, and jsut gonna have to be me.
That’s all there is to it.
Jsut so.

Ahhh, Jesus…/i]

No, I am the King of your universe. Don’t be forgetting that. :wink:

Hmmm, you’ve learned

  1. that

as well as:

  1. Plenty of people here will cut your heart out if you diss Scotti.

  2. Medea’s Child also really is as nice as she seems, with as many gallants as Scotti.

  3. Don’t fuck with Techchick, who will happily cut your heart out, herself, but who is pretty nice if you stay on her good side. The challenge is keeping track of which is her good side. :wink:

You grovel particularly well, so your trip to the woodshed is complete. How very kind of you to have delivered yourself here, with a title guaranteed to get attention.


–What’s that mean?

–That’s jsut so’s I can get the knife in from lowww down


How many jumps do you have?


So, do ya think my ploy regarding Medea’s Child is working?

[sub]oops, I mean, King, sir[/sub] :wink:

Mentioning our beloved Scotti, the least offensive person on this board, in the title of a Pit thread is BOUND to attract attention. Generally, not GOOD attention, either, to the poster.

After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The ribs get in the way, otherwise.

None; I’m afraid of heights. The name was the name on my mailbox because it was going to be where incoming freelance work was to be dropped, but I got sick of freelancing and had a semi-anonymous address to use here. But thank you for making the connection.

I hope so; a fella could do a lot worse. I could insult her and you could come to her rescue, if you think it would help.

[sub]oops, I mean, King, sir[/sub] :wink: