Scotticher, I'm sorry

re your points above- (in order)

-I get it absolutely-

-See, that’s what I was thinkin…-

-It is pretty scarey, but it’s one of the funnest things…
(with) why’d you quit freelancing?-
-I *like[/l] the way you think and that’s absolutely the nicest offer anyone’s made me in a while.-

LMFAO, I hope those “cutting a heart out” days are gone, if not then I hope they don’t rear their ugly head too much. I got better things to do than out and out flame another person.

I may slip, I may fall along those lines but I really hope that is past me…if I do slip drop, then do me a favor and slap me silly, I like that kind of thing. :smiley: But I only grant you drop that courtesy cuz I know you well enough…you might stomp on me but I know it comes from the heart.

Oh and the challenge isn’t me, so I like to think, it’s how people interact with one another. I would bring up examples but the past is the past.

Liz? Liz? Hey, whoever is using tc’s login better stop it right now! Except you’re so much nicer than her. :wink:

Dammit, kid, you don’t know how happy I am that you are feeling better. :slight_smile: And the occasional slip is okay.

Hmmm, techchick in a slip… Just like Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,, except blonde. That’s an image to cherish!

  1. Insurance.
  2. I’m a natural employee. I am not a entrepreneur.
  3. Freelancing means you have the right to work until 2AM one day, then start again at 8AM the next. Then you don’t know where the next job is coming from.
  4. Mortgage.
  5. Insurance.


Writer? What kind?

Drafter. Autocad god currently getting kicked in the teeth by Visio. I’m just so used to software doing what I tell it to do. :frowning:

Man- and it was sketchy? where I am, it’s a good line of work, a sharp promotor could stay happily independently employed. Ahh, but it’s the promotor part- I know the feeling.
What’s Visio? What’s it do? Is it a good thing for you in the long run?

good thing this is kind of a quiet thread- gotta be one of the suckiest pit threads ever. and shouldn’t somebody’ve typed [hijack/hijack] along about the third post or so?

Sorry about the sketchy phun up top there and even sketchier one right here- they jsut come out sometimes- like an autonomous nervous system function…I don’t even know I’m doin it…

In the words of Mr. Mister:

“Why can’t we just hold on to each other’s hands?” (just downloaded it from Napster, a song from my past, sigh.)

HAHA, it’s me drop really it is, I am still techchick68 just a little softer and a little more mild. Ah but if someone crosses me the old techchick is in there somewhere and knows how to use darts with fire!


It feels like it’s about 3 or 4 in the morning, and we’re the only one’s left up, everybody else is passed out on the couch/livingroom floor/yard/various bedrooms, etc, and we’re the last ones up, drinking the last beers.
suns comin up…

Hey, inor-

My username is a combination of my name and my heritage. I am half Scottish and my name is Cheri. My grandfather’s nickname was Scotty, and I always liked it. So, I sort of took Scotti and Cheri and smooshed them together. Thanks for asking.

Have you ever thought of using beechinor for your username? I think that has kind of a ring to it…

And mass hugs for my beloved dropzone!!!

Much more of this and we are going to get this thread moved to MPSIMS…but I tried to email you, inor, and your address is not posted.


Yah- the absent eddress was after the Lynne thread- I tried to unhook myself from the boards- figured I was soon to be banned anyways…
I’ve corrected it. I’ll gladly take email from you, even if it’s COD…
I took a private WAG on your name, got it pretty close, even got the Cheri part right. Started putting it together after I saw you on the mems page…look like you sound- pretty and nice.
[scrambling circuit]
I can’t even say my last name well, it kinda goes up my nose. No way I’m gonna be typing it all the time-:smiley:
I jsut today asked or yesterday, I guess, Arnold about changing it though, but to idiot savage- pronounce it with a french flair- kind of a play- an idiot savant at being a heathen- reflecting my record on the boards so far…
Thanks for saying that though.
[/scrambling circuit]
Got a story for you-
I used to have a step-son. I am big on literacy and not watching tv, although I do go on rental video frenzies sometimes, gotta have fluff sometimes, I guess…
Anyway, so I used to always get the kids pads and pencils along with the standard fare for bdays and such. So tehy were learning their abc’s early. They had a cousin named Scotty. One week, it was drawing pictures with 3, 4, and 5 year old type subtexts. (a review of this dragon animated movie we had jsut watched by the 5 year old made me go outside so I wouldn’t give her a complex. I hurt myself banging my head on the ground to stop laughing, but I wander…)
Anyway, so he does a picture of his cousin, Scotty. and labels it (cuz you say it kinda fast- the tt is pronounced in a soft fashion, rather than a hard fashion.)
It took me about 2 or 3 minutes to get it, like with the dragon review, and again with the going outside head-banging stuff…

ScottiCheri- jsut so…

Visio is a hateful abortion of a graphics program that is supposed to make CAD easy enough for anybody to do. As it is made by Microsoft, it comes with no documentation except the help files because that is supposed to be easier than paging through a book. This idea works fine for other companies, but Microsoft likes to bury functions and instructions for their use.

OTOH, there is a package that uses Visio to do not only MY complete job, but those of most of my co-workers. While I have a history of introducing technology that obsoletes me, never before have I been able to take so many people from so many departments with me. It’s so COOOOOOL!!! But it means I need to learn how to use Visio.

I got some on-the-job practice this week by making my bosses happy and creating audio rack drawings with bitmaps of the components. “Just see if they can wire THIS one wrong!” I modified the picture of the TV with a picture of the customer on the screen, handily downloaded from is company’s web site (when your name is on the box it’s OK to have an assortment of pictures, in B&W and color, different resolutions, for the curious and awestruck.

Boss took a look at the print with Mr Mogul’s mug on it and said, “I have to look at the guy in real life. Get rid of it.”

And the boss didn’t appreciate the creativity…
I hate that.
Jeez though- don’t relegate yourself to the status of obsolescence. Go Slo-o-ow. :wink:
After learning this, will new markets be opened to you? Or is Visio (sounds like it to me) gonna be a one-hit wonder, and someone will make something else better? Being that it’s MS, I’d be thinking that’s the case…

I think you have it about right. Thank you by the way, it was really great to see this today. I’m having a tottaly gucky day and some outside reassurance that I am an okay person is really, really good.

I’m very, very bent. But I love people and laughter and all sorts of things. YMMV is a good rule. If utterly delighting in a book of smashed fairies is your kind of bent, its all good.

Sure, have a blast…it is actually kinda cute as a stand alone…

Well, I’m kinda stuck in Pittsburgh at the moment, and for the foreseeable future. And I have an aversion to montanta…but the dogs and cats might overcome that. What’s this about rabies?

As to being “all those things and nice”…its up to you to figure that one out. I’m just kinda me. Its not evil, not always good, but I’m always me.

Again, thank you for your kind words, really needed the random pet today.

Well the coding almost worked that time. Sigh. Best laid plans of mice and men… Sorry to all.

I been following some of your posts gal- after everybody up top there built you up so much- you ever need a random pet, lemme know, I’ll be over there in a heartbeat with a colla
I mean, I’ll cheerfully send you a fuzzy mail- I’m an electronics tech- it’ll actually be fuzzy…
[sub]ok, no it won’t either[/sub]
Then, I looked you up on the members page too. On the basis of that, I’m working on this whole Scylla type post, with my bend to it. Don’t know if I’ll get it done, but if I do, I reckon you’ll know…
Anyways, glad you liked it, sorry you had the kinda day that you needed it.
Hey, thanks for the ok on your line- I’m gonna incorporate it.

This is me, being kinda random, pet…

Scylla type post? mm?

As to the day, it was more internal than external influences. I’m just tired of being me today. Tomorrow will be better again. Yea Fridays. Feel free to e-mail me if you want. (or ICQ, or Yahoo messenger, or AIM…sometimes I think I’m too connected…)

I don’t know what kind of a “gucky” day you have had, but I
love you dearly, Kathryn.

My heart hopes that this helps.


You know- (hopefully) outrageously funny- his/her jogging and magic nose gynocologist (psuedo) rants?
I’ve always preferred thrusdays- friday is so good cuz you ain’t even touched the weekend yet, and the week’s over. Thursday is even better- you haven’t even touched Friday yet…and it’s all downhill from thursday. just imho…
Sleep tight so it’s better tomorrow…:slight_smile:
Why you tired of being you today?
and Thanks for the email privilege. I got it from Scotti too.
Dang, this online stuff is jsut soo coool…

[sub]i gotta put somethign here too for it to post…[/sub]