Kwijibo: I accept your apology

I thank you for your apology and hope we can put this past behind us. I have entered the chat boards and found them to be of interest. So thanks. I am glad we made amends, it was a kinda ‘thorn in my side’ issue and always bugged me that we didn’t see eye to eye.

I do admit though I was kinda like on a sugar rush in the beginning!

I do appreciate it. It takes a big man to apologize, but I think it takes a bigger man to accept it. :wink:

Thank you, Ryan. :slight_smile:

Oh…and welcome to the Straight Dope Message Boards. :slight_smile:

That’s officially it. This pit is fucking pussified. :wink:

MaxO, ya big wuss. :slight_smile:

Uh-oh, don’t let Sofa King see this touchy-feely pit thread.

Yeah, MaxO is such an ass! And he’s always pissing me off! Arsewipe! Pudwanker!


apology/makeup thread?


God dammit! Not only is this NOT a rant, but you don’t even link to the juicy nastiness! :wink:

I still hate your “Read Me! Read Me! Read Me!” posting habits, Ryan.

Or perhaps I should ask everyone why I hate your posting habits.

Everyone ok now? We needed someone to make this Pit worthy.

Okay, who needs to be told to felch a syphilitic rhinoceros and who needs to be compared to the diseased underbelly of a water buffalo?

INSULTS, people. DAMN.

Oh I don’t want to link to it. I was being pretty vile.

Needless to say, it is in the Pit somewhere.

No bumping please. :slight_smile:

This is in the Pit why now?


I’m thinking I would also like an apology from Ryan and Kwyjibo.

Then they can link me to what the hell it is they are talking about.

Hey it was and still is a good advertising technique.

Advertising for what?

Ok, a long, long, tme ago in a galaxy far, far, away the forces of Kwijibo and the newly formed Maddison republic were at war because of Maddison expansions of his posts, the Maddison Republic was so quick at this it made up 250 posts in one month. The Kwibo Empire however, didn’t like this and went to war with the Maddison Republic in the pit.

got it?

Got what? And who is Maddison?

Got Maddison?

Go get a room you cloying pussbuckets.

Let me take this down a notch:

Ryan_Liam, you’re still annoying and incomprehensible. Your behavior inthis thread is beyond sad.

Stop it. Or you will bring down the Hammer of Doom.

Jar, shall we? :wink: