Attention Metacom

The other day I was unjustifiably rude to you in the SCOUS thread (link). I want to apologize for going over the line, pit or not, I shouldn’t have said that. FTR, it was a combination of two things. #1, I was having a bad day, and #2, I am so very, very tired of people on these boards misrepresenting what I say, ignoring what I actually do say in favor of their preconceived notion of what they think I am going to say, or of ascribing to me thoughts or statement that I did not make, but they think “it’s the kind of thing you would say”. I boiled over at you and I apologize. I thought about just emailing you, but I said it on the boards so I thought the apology should be here as well. Mea Culpa.

Is there a particular reason you couldn’t have offered this apology in the actual thread cited?


Because I didn’t want to hijack it?

Besides, it’s gone several pages beyond that post in the last couple of days, and I have to catch up on where it went, and don’t have time to do so tonight.

That’s mighty sacrificial of you then to start a WHOLE NEW THREAD offering an apology. T’were me, I would have just done a simple email and all.

YMMV of course, and it does, and I still smell a stinky whoosh here, but what would I know, not being involved in the original thread and all. :rolleyes:

Do you have anything to say that makes any sense?

No, I freely admit that I don’t, because I can’t make sense of an apology that comes in a separate thread due to the laziness of the OP to either a) email the recipient of the offending remarks with an apology, or b) scroll through the original thread to find his offending remarks and then quote it with an apology.

Is that so difficult?

Again, why the need for a separate thread? Really?


Eh. That’s only middlin rude, at least for the pit. Why, we’ve elevated cramming things to a freakin’ art form.

Good on you for apologizing though.

OK, I have on occasion been accused of being non-Pit like in the Pit in that I tend to not believe that just because we are posting in the Pit that it is required to be an ass, so please take that into consideration when you read what I have to say.

A sincere apology is in and of itself a good thing. In this case, I not only see it as sincere but I also commend the OP for how it was done. Why? Because in any community if you feel that you have wronged someone in a very real way you are not only making amends with that person, you are also notifying the community at large. This is called being an adult. Good on ya, Weirddave.

Did Weirddave accidentally shove a stick up your ass or something? You already said you weren’t involved in the thread, so why do you even care?

I was not disputing the pitworthiness in the apology, just that I thought it would and should have been better dealt with via either the thread in which it originated, or email.

Without being a participant in the ORIGINAL thread, one is not to know whether the OP here was being sincere or sarcastic in his intent.

It’s great that youse others know what’s going on, but for me it seemed like a bit of a parody or a whoosh or summat.

Well, jeez, go read the original thread, why don’t you? There’s a link in the OP. Half the threads in the Pit are regarding other threads on the SDMB. Do you go into all of those and whine about how you don’t know what’s going on?

But… I called you a “stoma-fucking tool”. Telling me to cram it up my cunt was an entirely appropriate response! Especially because at that point the thread was turning into a partisan crowbar fight and you were outnumbered. :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong: I certainly appreciate and accept the apology. However, given the context I wasn’t particularly offended, especially because I was the one that came out swinging in response to your “you guys are philosphically inconsistent” argument. If you took my insult has anything more then a condemnation of your argument phrased in the language of the BBQ Pit then I apologize: While I didn’t agree with that particular argument you were making, I certainly don’t disagree with all the arguments you make, nor do I think you’re a stoma-fucking tool in all (or even the overwhelming majority) of the threads I interact wth you in.

Then why didn’t you just email Weirddave?

Weirddave has extended the olive branch to Metacom. Why are the rest of you butt pirates trying to piss on it? If more dopers would admit when they’d said something untoward, this would be a better place.

Butt pirates, eh? Stealing the booty, arr! Actually, I’m curious what exactly the pilfering of ass has to do with anything in this thread. In any case a slightly more careful reading than you have attempted will reveal that we’re getting on kambucta’s case, not Weirddave’s.

The apology OP from Weirddave, and response from Metacom actually raised my hopes for the board. Well done, both of you. As for the comment in the OP in general:

Oh, yeah. That kind of thing is annoying as all hell. Sadly, those who do this just keep on doing it, leaving havoc in their wake. Hopefully, they stay in the minority.

Is there a particular reason you felt the need to come in and post to a thread involving another thread in which you were in all ways uninvolved, just so you could do a little bit of junior modding?

I can see Dave’s reason for posting this. The insult’s in public, he retracts publicly. The thread had gone on far past the insult itself, so he started a thread here to keep from derailing the other one.

Can’t see a reason for your contribution at all. Good job throwing his apology thread off-kilter, though.

Only I may call him a stoma-fucking tool. Although I wouldn’t, considering I don’t have a stoma and all.

I resent that! I’m a butt pirate, and I totally support Weirddave’s apology!