Bridget Burke

Not only have you not apologized for implying that I was some kind of sexual deviant, you also seem to run a website in which you call me “one sick little fuck and an obvious troll”.

What can I say? It should be obvious, but it apparently isn’t. These sorts of comments are beyond the pail.

I again suggest that you retract them.

Note to moderators: Perhaps this thread does not contain bad language, but it does contain genuine anger and I feel it should remain in the “Pit”.

And yes, having looked at my post, I am aware of the spelling error.


You meant to say that you were one sick little duck? :smiley:

Do you really expect someone to apologize on this board for something they said on another board? Since you have visited that board and read it, do you think anyone there would ever apologize for anything? If so, you are seriously naive.

Out of curiosity, how did you find this website that Bridget Burke seems to run? It’s not on her SDMB profile?

Having looked at the other website for a bit longer, it is quite clear to me that they are pathetic, somewhat illiterate individuals(or perhaps the same person).

You are absolutely right, I should have investigated further.

It is also dragging stuff over from another message board, which we do not allow.

If you wish to start a new thread, confining yourself to what may have occurred on the SDMB, feel free. This one is closed.