I'm at the limit of my ability to process this shit (Really horrid, don't bother if you like dogs)

I found a page that does NOT include a picture.

I’ve been introduced to the fact that dogs are, apparently, raped, on a regular basis, in Turkey.

Happens all the time. But it’s becoming more well known because someone had the gall to do their dog-raping behind the mayor’s office.

I’m sorry. I don’t have some entertaining way to express how disgusted and horrified and sickened I am.

When do you think you’ll reach the limit of your ability to post about it?

Posting helps the processing.

Urban legend

I didn’t even look at the OP’s link before posting, but now i look and see that it’s a fucking blog post with content that sounds a lot like a spam email.

I’m always willing to believe that humans can and will do some fucked-up shit, but there’s precious little meat to this story, as far as i can tell. The whole “evidence” for the story is one Facebook posting. You’ll forgive me if i don’t take it too seriously, Stoid.

How do we know it was rape? Maybe the dog consented.

No, you haven’t.

Its zoid that I feel sorry for.

Racist twaddle. Them damn swarthy Turks raping dogs!

All I can find is that there are crusaders in Turkey advocating for animal rights who talk about animal rape, but nothing about this particular situation. http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/n.php?n=actress-holds-sit-in-protest-for-animal-rights-2010-08-20 , http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/n.php?n=0124075114723-2011-01-24 . It seems like there would be some information reported somewhere since there is no moratorium on animal abuse reporting there.

The dogs are probably dressed provocatively.*
*If this is not a hoax then I am duly outraged and please ignore my frivolousness.
But wasn’t rape month a couple months ago now?

The SDMB is not a blog. Why don’t you start one?

Was just thinking that yesterday.

I knew there was a sinister side to teaching a dog to shake.

Around here, every month is rape month!

Well I just knew that eventually there would be some backlash against all of the undefended leg humping that happens everyday in this crazy world.

[Cousin Eddie]
" He’s got a little bit of the Mississippi leg in him."
“A word of warning though, if he does lay into you, it’s just best to let him finish”
[/Cousin Eddie]

Stoid, if you’re “at the limit of (your) ability to process this shit” will a thread here be stretching it?

That’s what she barked.

This is dog rape month.

But don’t frown. It only lasts 1/7th of a human month.