I'm back! Did you miss me? (boy, it got quiet in here all of a sudden)

Today I come back after a brief sabbatical and discover that UncleBeer is now a moderator! Congrats dude!

Anyway, one of the reasons I have been gone lately is that we have had two deaths in the family in the last month and things have been a little sad and hectic around here. Back in late April, my ex-father-in-law died from complications after heart surgery. I wasn’t particularly close to him, but my two older kids were very close to him and were pretty devastated by his death. This last weekend, just as they were finally getting themselves back into a pretty good mood, their great-grandmother died in her sleep. They were extremely close to her, even more so than their grandfather, so I spent most of the weekend consoling them. They both decided that they wanted to go to school today, which I felt was probably best because it would take their minds off of their grief.

Of course, this was not the only reason I have been gone. My husband thought I would be interested in two new games, so he went out and bought me The Sims and Roller Coaster Tycoon. I was instantly addicted to both games. I spent so much time playing the games, I didn’t have time to spend on the Internet anymore.

Anyway, now that I’m back…what did I miss? Only the juiciest gossip will do, of course.


I guess that means you missed the giant lottery where we were all paired off into couples, which in turn led to steamy love-making, and new doper creation. Except, of course, for the Wally and Coldfire pairing.

Actually, just the general sock puppetry, randomness, and fun and games that usually dominate the place.

Welcome back, sorry about the losses. I hope the kids move on well.

Hey Shadow, welcome back honey!

My condolences on your losses; My father in law passed away a couple of weeks ago, and that is still pretty fresh.

Anyway, lurk around a little bit; I’m sure you’ll see changes, including a new forum!


Hi Shadow!! I missed you! Welcome back, lots of changes.

Welcome back Shad! Good to see you!

WooHoo, Shadowfox has returned !

So sorry about the losses though. It is so hard for kids to deal with death. :frowning:

Not only has UncleBeer been made moderator, so has Alphagene in the pit, and slythe in IMHO, the new forum.

I expect to be named official bitch any day now. Yah me.

Yay Shadowfox!

I’ve been off for the last few days, and while I was gone, I did wonder where you’d been lately, and I was going to email you and see what was up. Then I found this. I’m very sorry about your losses, but I’m also very glad you’re back! I hope we can cheer you up some!

And it’s way cool about UncleBeer & Alphagene. Now the inmates really are running the asylum! Woohoo!

I’m sorry to hear about your loss, Shadow. And see, I refrained from making a crack about missing you. :wink:

As far as gossip, juiciest would be the banning of Serlinel. Boy, is that ever an interesting thread. (Were you here when that happened?)

Great to have you back, girly!

::peers around, squinting::

Hey, anybody seen Shadowfox around lately?

Kidding aside, welcome back and yes, you were missed. Sorry there was so much grief and loss IRL for you. It’s tough, and the toughest is seeing other people hurt.

Yeah! UncleBeer, Alphagene and Slythe are now mods! Lessee, there’s been a pretty toxic outbreak of sockpuppetry victimizing Osip and Water2j; looks like it’s being controlled.

Anyway, welcome back! The asylum missed our favorite inmate.


The Sims and Roller Coaster Tycoon, you say?
"I was instantly addicted to both games. I spent so much time playing the games, I didn’t have time to spend on the Internet anymore. " Sounds like a winner. I’m putting my saddle bags on 'er now, we’re agoin shopping.

Thanks everybody for welcoming me back. I didn’t mean to turn the board into a little pity party for me. It has just been one of those kind of months for me. Hopefully, once the kids start their summer vacation next week, things will go back to being crazy, as usual.

BTW, Cristi…did you end up going to the Doper party in Chicago? If so, how was it? I wish I could have been there, but it just wasn’t in the cards at the time.


Don’t mention the Chicago Doper get-together while Veb’s around. We’ll fill you in later, but she still thinks it was just an accident that she didn’t hook up with the rest of them and then got to spend her valuable R&R time fending off the advances of a persistent pharmaceuticals rep.

BTW, Veb, someone in the updates thread was wondering if you had gotten compensation from the hotel.