I'm back from the land of the unwashed.

Yep, so I got to spend a month living in a cabin in the northwoods. No showers, pit toilets, no heat, good times.

I also went on canoe trips. Saw moose, capsized, not at the same time. The class I was there for was Nature Writing. It was okay. The other kids weren’t the dirty peace loving hippies I was expecting; they were all pretty straitlaced and mostly working on bio degrees.

I’m also using a computer for the first time in a month, and am having a bit of trouble working the keyboard. That’s why this post is so short, because I can’t really remember where the keys are and have to hit the backspace key a lot.

anyway, I’m back to once again grace the board with my lovely presence or whatever.

[grizzled old guy]
You had a cabin?! Well, weren’t you just living in the lap of luxury? Back in my day, we camped in lean-to huts fashioned from pine boughs and we liked it! Cabins… what’s this world coming to?..
[/grizzled old guy]

Sounds like a cool class. Nature is spiffy. Moose (the plural “moose”) are also spiffy. Canoeing is kinda spiffy- though not so much as moose. I’m hiking up a 14,000 foot mountain on Saturday. Welcome back.

Sounds like heaps of fun :smiley:

Welcome back, Daowajan

Cool. Glad you had a good time. Were you happy to return to your Sapphic bust (er, um, bust of Sappho)?

Wow. Moose. I’d love to see moose in the wild right now, but there aren’t too many here in centra Florida, although we do have a (now ex-) rabid bobcat.

Wow, “The Land of the Unwashed”. You think if I went there and did that trick with the knife and the bar of soap like on the “Irish Spring” commercial they’d make me king?

Welcome back, BTW in addition to moose, did you also see squirrel ? :smiley:

Hey, welcome back!

I went canoeing once. They put me in charge of steering the canoe. It was a disaster–I could only turn right; the left turns escaped me. It took a while to get anywhere.

I missed you, babe. Things just weren’t as randomly sapphic 'round here without you.

'Tis a shame about the lack of dirty peace loving hippies. Perhaps they were all too busy foraging for grubs in the forest for that authentic experience, and then experienced the ultimate forest experience when they were messily devoured by wolves.

I mean, you never know.

Ahh, that’s nothin’ In my day, we woke up at 3:00 in the morning, 2 hours before we went to bed, had to lick the bottom of the swamp clean with our tongues, work 28 hours down th’ mill and when we got home our father would beat us until we were dead…

Sorry, I was having a Pythonesque moment…

I saw moose, and squirrel. The squirrel ate our garbage bag. I pity the squirrel.

Inky - Sure. This one girl went to town to use the phone for some reason or another, and came back with a bottle of shampoo. She was our goddess.

ultrafilter - yeah, it took me until my second trip to learn how to steer. I kept just switching sides whenever I needed to j-stroke, and after one day where we crashed into every other canoe on the lake, I figured I’d better learn how. I usually steer now because it seems that whenever I don’t, I get stuck with the overly apologetic newbie.

Heh, Eonwe, I can’t believe you remember that. I didn’t have anywhere to put ol’ Sappho for the summer, so she’s still wrapped up in newspaper in a suitcase until I go off to school.

sings Where have all the dirty peace loving hippies gone?