I'm back!

I’m back! I finally got an internet connection and I’m back! I’d spread some madness, but right now I need to rest from a long trip. So… just know that I’m back.

That is all. Back to your lives.

Did you ever let your girlfriend near your penis? I need to know!

Welcome back!


Hey! Welcome back! The only username that’s ever made me nauseous… But we still love ya.

:smiley: Really though, welcome back!

Hey Scurv[, good to see you.

When I saw this thread, I thought about calling out to the wife “Hey, Anal Scurvy is back!”

But then I decided against it. :slight_smile:

I never thought I would hear myself say this…

Welcome back, Anal Scurvy!

You know, oddly, I was (no really I’m not making this up I swear) wondering the other day where you went to, as I was looking at pics of a (male) friend dressed up as a female.

Funny what sticks in people’s minds, eh?

I thought something strange was missing from the board. :slight_smile:

Welcome back.
It’s very strange to welcome somebody who calls themself Anal Scurvy, but welcome back anyway.

If I recall correctly, you were the guy who didn’t like Fellowship of the Ring. I liked that thread. I enjoyed the movie myself, but I think it’s good not to be orthodox about those things. It was refreshing to hear another side.
Most of the time, Ring threads are just fights between people who worship the movie, and real fanatics who hate them (the movies) because they aren’t faithful to the source. I had to laugh when you posted that you just didn’t like it at all.

Never heard of ya.

Anal Scurvy just won the award for “Most Disturbing Thread Title” and will probably keep it for quite a time.

Nice to see you back; I often enjoy what you write after I get through shuddering (reading your user name…Gaaaccckkkk!!!)

Samarm, I got rid of her a long time ago. Now I’m with a beauty that knows how to treat my penis, though the cost of that is a lot of unorthadox casual wear. Smashed Ice Cream, since this girl dressed me up the first time, her and her friends took me to a sake bar, brought me home, and dressed me up again. I’ve got more pictures, but I can’t post them because they involve things like me throwing a soap-on-a-roap dildo at one of her friends.

Forbin, yeah, that thread made me shudder. As a film student who works at a small theatre, I pretty much see every shitty film to lurch across the screen. Two Towers was even worse, I damn near became a shut-in when I saw Gandalph’s white horse rearing up at sunrise. Gah.

Michael Ellis, I did what? What did I miss? Someone tell me. Which thread was it? The one about my ass? The other one about my ass? Was it the one about my penis? Or was it the one about world peace?
I just took a brief typing departure to go to the bathroom. So I’m standing in front of the toilet, naked – it’s morning here – about to start urinating, when my girlfriend walks in and tells me that she’s going to start oozing so she gets first priority (we had sex awhile ago). We argue for a bit, and I tell her all this stress is making things difficult for my bladder. She demands that I leave, so I motion that we should settle it with rock paper scissors. She looks at my game fist, glances at me naked in front of the toilet and kind of leaning forward, then she rolls her eyes and leaves. When I return to the computer, I hear her on the phone complaining to her friends that I’m weird. Ha ha. Her friends love me, so she gets no sympathy there.

What ever happened to the girl you said could come visit if she didn’t shit in your yard?

Did your absence have anything to do with someone’s suggestion that you stuff citrus up your butt?

She’s the cheerleading captain at the University of Winnipeg. I think she’s somewhat intimidated by my girlfriend, or just confused by me. I doubt she’s ever been dismissed like that.

Nah. Honestly, Winnipeg took its toll on me. I’ve been living here for about two years now, but when I returned to Edmonton during spring break it suddenly hit me how much I missed my old friends. I was depressed for awhile, but then I realized that next year I’m going to Montreal to complete my filmmaking degree so I better figure out how to make new places home.

As odd as this sounds, I was just thinking about you Monday while I was checking out threads and wondered “when is Anal Scurvy gonna make another appearance?” Welcome back mate.

I saw your name in another thread today and said out loud to myself, “Oh, Anal Scurvy is back.” Then I saw this thread. Didn’t even know I missed you until I saw your name. Welcome back.

When you read a post that has a man describing how he ended an argument with his girlfriend regarding use of the bathroom by offering to settle the score the rock paper scissors way while standing naked in front of the toilet, only one name comes to mind.

Anal Scurvy

Welcome Back.

Welcome back, I too was actually thinking of you the other day, wondering where you’d gone; really.

Welcome back! Good to see ya. Your seat has been kept warm for you.