I'm back.

I’m back. I’m alive. I’ll fill you in later. I’ve got questions.

Best… handle… ever.

Should I be worried that you are going to “fill me in”?

Where did you go… you havn’t been been putting things up your ass again have you? :smiley:

Damn! I thought the antibiotics worked.


Welcome back, from wherever you went.

lordy, I hope everything worked out allright for you…or at least as well as could be expected.

There’s something about that user ID… :dubious:

Glad you’re back and (I hope) safe. Let us know what happened when you can.

Folks, here is the backstory.

Welcome back! I hope everything is okay or will be okay soon. :slight_smile:

I guess his GF almost pulled a Lorena Bobbit on him after their last mutilation session, and he’s had to get his unit sewed back on and properly healed.

Welcome back dude.

Thanks for the backstory, Jackelope. I missed it at the time.

I hope everything worked out OK, AS. You can get past the problems with the brother, but I hope you and your gf came out all right.

I should have known that the antibiotics wouldn’t work; it’s a vitamin deficiency. You should eat more citrus.

Jesus Christ, now we need backstory for these Lorena Bobbit jokes.

Anyways, we laid low for awhile and it turned out to be the best thing to do. Now we’re kind of making a come back.

She just found herself a full time job. I’m trying to get a part time job at a private investigation firm (because it sounds really damn cool) and am arranging financing for two short films I’m lining up. We’re moving into a nicer apartment together and things are looking rosy.

I’ve actually been meaning to post some pics of us for awhile. It’ll happen one day soon.

Glad you’re okay.

You’re going to have a helluva business card…
Anal Scurvy
Private Investigator

Have bum. Will travel.

Welcome back, glad you’re OK.


I’m glad to hear the layin’ low has worked! Good luck to both you and your girlfriend, and I’m glad to hear you’ve got some good plans for the future in the works. Take care.