I'm back!


killed the computer playing too much Knights of the Old Republic. Fixed it by taking off the side panel and using a full cup of Mountain Dew to keep the power supply wiring from getting too close to the heatsink. Seriously.
Miss me?

I would have missed you, had I’d known you were gone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had heard Mountain Dew was supposed to be the cure all for a number of things, but never computer problems.

Welcome back.


Hello again!

“Hey honey, that guy from that message board is back again.”

“Really, who is he?”

“He’s Really Not All That Bright.”

“Then why do you care?”

“Uh, I dunno. Oh yeah, I think he’s the guy that wears the same lingerie as you. You know, the goat felcher.”

“Oh. Tell him I said hi.”
Hi, and welcome back. :wink:

Yay! You’re back!

Isn’t Windex supposed to do that? :dubious:

Do you have to be? I mean, really, we were all having an awesome time and making lewd jokes about you while you couldn’t read them, and now you’re back and all. . .

Just kidding. Glad to have you back, RNATB.

I’m not a goat felcher. I’m a goat. :eek:

Oh, and I graduated (college) yesterday, and I turn 22 in three weeks. AND I’m finally moving into the the House of Pink.

Busy times.

I completely forgot about the pink house. I assume it’s still pink, then?

It was, but I bought some cans of paint and turned it purple polka-dot. Did it while screaming at the top f my lungs, FUR IS MURDER TO CLEAN!!!

Also, as for NRALB (Sidebar: The gun-nut has NRA in his acronym. ) alleged “backedness”, I have this to say. Liar. I shall give you proof. I don’t believe you, and I am all powerful and the universe is here solely for my amusement, so therefore you don’t exist. Poof, you’re gone. Now for my grand finally, I will prove up is down, black is white, and be runover by a zebra that has a burning flag of France on it’s back. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA