I'm bathing in the scent of orange blossoms

I’m out on my mom’s back patio right now. It’s 8:30 at night. She lives in Arizona and her house is surrounded by orange trees.

The air is thick with the scent. It’s so strong, my nose doesn’t even get “used” to it.

It’s truly one of the greatest smells ever.

I knew you were here (Arizona) before I even opened the thread. It’s one of my favorite things about spring here, although I haven’t smelled them yet this year. Maybe tomorrow!

I have 20 varieties of citrus - they all have subtly different scents, and they’re all wonderful.

I am well aware of the trees fornicating all over my face, as my allergies have picked up in earnest. I’m on all kinds of allergy meds right now and only nose-dripping and sneezing some of the time.

I had orange blossom scented oil for a room fragrance once and I haven’t been able to find a replacement. I can’t imagine anything so heavenly as being in the presence of the real thing! Remind me to go to Arizona this time next year! What parts of Arizona are best for orange blossoms?


I got my first spring nose bleed in Phx Saturday. The worst part about sneezing so much that I’m spraying blood is that I can’t drive out of it. Do those blue wildflower blooms get you too? I don’t know what they are, I’m smart enough to not stop.

Do you want to come and hang out here for a while? I’m out in the middle of the high desert with nothing but pine trees and cactus. They won’t start blooming for another month.

For the OP, orange blossoms are wonderful. I really do enjoy the scent. I’m totally jealous that I can’t sit on your porch and enjoy it with you. Are the Mexican Bird of Paradise blooming now? I love them. Depending on the soil they can be different colors of orange to yellow. A showy flower plant that doesn’t take a lot of water and doesn’t set my allergies off. I moved 4 miles away, but 500 feet higher and they won’t live here.

Pics for those people who live where there is snow: http://www.boomspeed.com/desertrat/bop2.JPG

The ones in Phx are a wonderful showy orange.

I’m not in Arizona, but in Portland the cherry trees are awake and horny, so that’s what pollen is irritating me now. It’s a pity because they are so beautiful this time of year. I know though that they are plotting against me. Soon the other trees will follow suit, then the grasses. Then flowers. Then the cat hair and dander. Uugh I hate this time of year.

Me too!

I just started smelling them last week. The main place where I play tennis has these trees planted all over, so whenever I’m there it’s just heavenly. Favourite time of year in Phoenix! :slight_smile:

The Phoenix area (especially some of the old citrus groves that are now fancy housing developments). Mesa has some nice spots, too. Basically, anywhere in the Valley of the Sun.

Sounds nice. Is it one of those old claw-foot bathtubs she has out on the patio?