Well, it's Springtime in the South

Yeah, OK, so I’m exhausted. Our first child is just about to be a month old.

And yeah, I’m not making nearly as much progress on my PhD right now as I should be.

But Lord, it’s Spring in my beloved South. The girls are wearing less and less, and the sun has been out and warm for the past few days. The earth is exploding with life in that vivid, violent, and yet incomparably soft and wonderful way that happens here in the Deep South.

The cherries have been spectacular this year. The redbuds look like pink clouds all over the landscape. The dogwoods are just now starting to peek out and flower.

I went hiking at Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve yesterday, and the woods are exploding with flowers now. The mountain is covered in rue anemone, bloodroot, dwarf iris, trout lily, and solomon’s seal. The trilliums are ridiculous this year.

Daylight Saving Time is here, and I have time to go out and play after work.

And I’m sitting out on my porch, in shorts, drinking a beer and listening to the frogs.

Life ain’t bad. :cool:

Sigh I miss spring. I live in LA now and there are no seasons. The temperature just varies a little bit is about all. No real spring. No real fall. Sucks. :frowning:

Enjoy your spring, you lucky dog!

achoo achoo Yeah, spring is here in the South all right! :wink:

Actually, here in SC we moved right on to summer. I think we had maybe two weeks of spring. Yesterday it was almost 90.

It feels like summer to me, but I’m a transplanted Brit, where we’re lucky to get above 75. So temperatures in the 80s feels rather, um, warm… :wink:

It’s in the 80s here, and will be for most of next week. A bit warmer than usual for this time of year, but I’m not complaining. I may take the bus to downtown, find a conveniently placed bench, and pretend to read while I watch the UNC students walk by.

I’ll take a few days of warmer-than-usual weather after one of the coldest winter’s in Alabama’s recorded history, ya damn bunch of whiners. :wink: Besides, after the next cold front comes through, it’ll go back down to normal Spring temperatures.

It’s springtime in Florida as well, and it’s freaking me out. 80s during the day, 60s at night, and not humid. We’re supposed to only have 2 seasons: hot and humid, and not as hot but still humid. We’re having an actual 4 distinct seasons this year and it’s making me vaguely uncomfortable.

Yay! Spring is here, spring is here! :slight_smile:

Around this time in Indiana, it’s pretty much whatever it wants to be. We’ll have a day when its 60-70, and the next day its like 40 blowing rain sideways. Fun stuff.

80’s here as well…spring is a hell of a time to be a student at the University of Alabama :wink:

Yep. My first semester there in grad school (oh, 14 years ago), I thought my head was going to explode. Good times.

Bleh. Feckin wasps. One flew into my car yesterday, almost causing me to have a wreck. I hate wasps.

Flowers are pretty though.

Man, this sux-I only got to go skiing ONCE in March! Now the snow is all gone!
Looks like warm weather is forecast throught next week (sigh)…oh well, guess I’ll have to wait till October! :mad:

Hey! I’m loving this! I was about to call fie on anyone who dared tell me Alabama winters were “mild”!!

Spring is great until everyone has to start turning on the AC and freezing me out. I really don’t get why houses get so much warmer inside than it is outside.

It’s fantastic! Spring in Mississippi is a beautiful thing. I think it’s 83 degrees right now, and I’m going to get off the computer and go for a walk with my daughter.

We did get a rain shower the other day, which temporarily washed the landscape clean of the yellow haze. Pollen is real bad right now. Even our bright red car has a yellow coating on it.

Great yer loving it, Ogre, and hope that being a new Dad gives you an extra boost to loving new spring life. Trilliums, especially, make ya smile at phenomenal regeneration, right?

Redbuds here in NC are amazing now, and the Virginia bluebells have done their burst of cartoon growth and bloom. Bloodroot bloom is done here, now all about the weird leaf. Love to see the buckeyes and columbine heading up to bloom right when the hummingbirds come back— thier first food source, an age old relationship.

Today, at my nursery, I was talking to a great gardener customer who is a clinical nurse at Duke. She said that this harsh southern winter was remarkable in the amount of people who came in to be treated for depression. She compared it to her time in Seattle, where folks expected it because of normal climate, and dealt with it. This winter had her seeing more people who couldn’t figure out wtf was wrong, and she saw it as definitely weather related.

Light is back now, got your redbuds and dogwoods, lovely, Ogre, don’t forget the sweet dentaria, she gets forgot about.

Springtime in Alabama and North Carolina and Florida and Mississippi? Big deal, you guys are always halfway in springtime. I was in Buffalo, New York yesterday and it was in the 80’s. When we finally get spring, it means something.

Yay spring! Warm weather,beer drinkin’ outside and Girls,Women, Females of all shapes and sizes wearing the warm weather clothes! WooHoo Go Spring