I'm becoming afraid of the news reporters

Every time I view the news, the reporters are trying to make me live my life in fear.

They show segments about the scourge of kids drinking hand sanitizer, “Although there is no problem with this in the Miami Valley, we found a hospital in Indiana. . .”

They show segment about a man driving past a checkpoint onto the base, “Man gets past base security, gets arrested. We talk to some people to find out if they’re terrified or just scared!”

On CNN website right now, “Next Global Conflict? WWIII concerns. . .”

Oddly, I’m not become afraid of the things they’re reporting, I’m becoming afraid of the people that are telling me about it! They’re trying to scare me, they want me to be afraid, they’re fucking terrorists! Why aren’t these people in jail?

This is a classic ploy on a slow news day, parodied by Monty Python’s “News For Parrots” reporting on traffic deaths: “No parrots died today on the M16 highway”.

You’ve singled out a major reason why I watch less and less TV news, particularly avoiding local news (and especially weather). The object is not to inform, but to freak you out and keep you glued to the screen.

THUNDERSTORMS could break out ahead of the COLD FRONT approaching our area! Keep tuned to SkyWatch SuperWarn End Times Color Weather Radar for the latest developments and keep your family safe!!!”

I started to get cynical about news reporting when they were editorialising what should’ve been just relating facts. Stop telling me how I should feel, just tell me what happened and I’ll decide how it makes me feel.

That hasn’t stopped, so now I avoid television news, and instead read multiple reports online to get a more balanced range of viewpoints I can distil from.

I just assume everything I see on TV is fiction.

Especially things like Presidential candidate debates. No way those guys are real.

In Chicago, the local weather report is one part of the news I try not to miss.

Wait a minute…I live in Indiana!


They’re worse than terrorists. Terrorists only kill you once, but these guys make you die a thousand deaths every day!!

Just last night there was a story about the so-called Kissing Bug, which is an actual insect of some sort that can transmit some scary, untreatable disease and how we should all check all of our homes to ensure this terrible monster isn’t lurking, waiting to kill us all. There have been 15 cases of this terrible disease in our two state area!!! AHHH!!!

Turns out that the folks who contracted the non-communicable disease got it while visiting tropical countries and that the bug isn’t native to the US at all. Unfortunately the thing looks a little like the harmless box elder bug and now there are going to be people freaking out over nothing. The doctor they interviewed looked a little bemused and entertained that he was being asked about this thing at all.

Wow, that’s got to help their ratings. Though I’m in Raleigh, I’ve just taken an interest in Chicago’s weather.

And I understand where the OPs coming from. I have to watch the news with a thick and multi-layered filter these days. I sometimes think the pandering is worse than the fear.

Agreed. No way Hillary is human. I might give her being an alien but most likely she’s just an android. She has less emotion than Data but unlike Data she lies her ass off.

Our local news is looking like weather, some sports stuff and the crime report. They even hype their Most Wanted show in the middle class f the newscast. Oh, and a three or four minute “infotainment” segment, obviously paid for. You might hear about something the city council did, and often a national-level story, but it seems like 90% of their time is spent telling us how scary it is to go outside.

“Hey! How’s the weather?”




The thread title reads like one of those clickbait websites: “People all over your city are freaking out about this one weird newscast.”

It’s why Stephen King sold so many books. Sadly, his books are more accurate than many “news” (aka infotainment) reports.

I dunno, the clickbate can be entertaining sometimes.

The local news has the annoying habit of jumping to "BREAKING NEWS!!! :eek: " every time someone stubs their toe.

“Breaking News! (Interrupting the weather forecast this morning.) A car has flipped over in front of the federal courthouse!”
Umm. OK. Get back to me when it turns out to have a bomb in it. Then it’s breaking news. Otherwise, just mention it in the traffic report where it belongs.

“Breaking News! (Too many days to count.) There’s a house fire on Detroit’s west side.” Cut to overhead footage of a recently-extinguished house with firefighters standing around.
Um, dude? I’m sure the traffic helicopter guy gets bored reporting on the same traffic jams on the same freeways every day, and he probably loves spotting stuff like this. Buy it barely qualifies as “news,” let alone breaking news. Maybe sqeeze it in at the end if you have an extra minute.

…and at the other end of the spectrum, we have Donald Trump, who has apparently managed to become a billionaire and head a major business empire while completely lacking even the smallest shred of social acumen.

Between the two of them, we have indisputable proof that money and connections are more important than intelligence, decency, or having good ideas.

Not my local news. It only started sometime around 15 years ago. Before that they were quite objective. Now they use trigger words like “tragic” or “horrific” or “heart-breaking” where it’s not their job to.

No, she’s a reptilian shapeshifter.

The news ploy I love is the “Scare you to death then wait”:

"Scientists have found a common food found in the home that will instantly kill your children and any neighbor kids who are over. And it’s in your kitchen RIGHT NOW!..

…Details on *CredibleEyeWitnessNEWS11!Newsbreak *… at 11."