I'm becoming scarily antisocial.

This all started when I was having too much fun writing a C++ program to go to a weekly Sci-fi meeting. Now, I chat with my roommate, the people in my dorm hall, etc, but, for the most part, that meeting and classes are the social highlight of my week.

Now, I got a 106/100 on the project and have just finished watching season 5 of Babylon 5, despite warnings which turned out to be so true. But, at this rate, I’ll turn into the high-tech CS major equivalent of a 7-foot bearded hermit who kidnaps children and wears women’s undergarments.
Will this seriously affect my future earnings?

The kidnapping children part would, certainly, but a seriously antisocial person wouldn’t want to kidnap children. Trust me - they’re way too loud and they never shut up. The women’s undergarments should be a go, though, since no one will see them under your dockers and knit shirts.

The main question to answer, though, is: are you having fun?

Waitaminute!, I thought scarily antisocial, bearded hermits were supposed to wear hair shirts.
Whew! thanks for clearing that up. That thing itched something fierce.
Ditto on the children. What you want around your cave is wolves, lots of wolves.

And to answer your question; what future earnings?

You may indeed have substantial future earnings. This is how you should plan on spending your money:

  1. Standing accounts at local stores that deliver. At minimum, liquor, grocery and pizza. Note that I do NOT include a dry cleaner, as clothing will not be necessary.
  2. Quarterly upgrade of your computer and media/home entertainment center.
  3. Various lubricants for self-amusements.

That is all. :slight_smile:

The rest should be shoved into a matress. To some people I would suggest back yard burial, but I don’t see you as having a back yard, stepping out into sunlight, or having the physical strength to lift a shovel.

Bumbazine: That’s monks engaged in self-flagellation.
Though, if I feel no need to go out and make new friends/talk with old ones, should I, just to avoid getting out of practice?

You can always sell the kidnapped children. That takes care of your future earnings and the noise problem in one fell swoop.

You are going to turn into Richard Stallman!!! :eek:

Unless you don’t list kidnapping and wearing silk thongs on your resume, I wouldn’t worry about it. Just make sure you shave before a job interview.

I’m extremely anti-social and sometimes wear my wifes shoes and skirts. I figure if my boss doesn’t ask, I’m not telling.

Speaking as a hermit, I feel I must point out the difference between anti-social and asocial. I have nothing against society, I just choose not to participate.

People. Just say no.

Stallman isn’t anti-social. In fact, he hung out at MIT until there’s nobody left to eat Chinese food with.

I got a cat.

I want to be you! I would love to stay in the house all the time. I have kids and will send them if you ask, however the youngest is 6’2" and grumpy all the time.

I would recommend going out every once and a while. I spent a year in college being extremely anti-social, and it wasn’t good. I went to my classes, did my work, and that was it. I made a concerted effort to make new friends and go out the next year, and I had a wonderful time. I’ve always kind of saw myself as a pity friend - basically, people would only be nice to me because they felt sorry for me, because I was pretty pathetic. But after making an effort to go out and be more sociable, that went away. I had new friends calling me and asking me to go on outings and to clubs and to parties. I didn’t think the previous year of being anti-social had been so bad, until I compared it to the next.

Um, would that be a seven-foot hermit with a beard, or an average-sized hermit with a seven-foot beard? I’m a bit unclear on the issue.