I'm better!! I'm better!! (injured Doper gets good news thread)

I just got back from the Doctor’s office this afternoon.

I got terrific news!!

First, the background. Back in May - five days before Memorial Day to be exact, I had a motorcycle accident. 600 pounds of Harley made a mess out of my left leg with a Maisonneuve Fracture.

A nice trip in an ambulance with a nice couple of nice EMT’s and a few hours in ER later and I was in for surgery the same afternoon.

Three weeks after the first surgery, I stumbled and smacked the bad leg on a set of steps I was trying to negotiate - out popped the screws (hurts just to think about it, doesn’t it?)

Second surgery was four weeks ago. Doc replaced the screws and did some “cleanup” work while he was inside my leg.

The scar is [Darth Vader voice] impressive, most impressive [/Darth Vader voice]

So, the good news today?

I’M OUT OF THE BOOT!! I’ve been in a velcro and fiberglass cast-boot for the last four weeks and under orders for zero weight bearing. Today, I got to ditch the boot and go back to a PAIR of shoes!! I’m on 50% weight bearing for the bad leg! Doesn’t sound like much, but let me tell you, it makes a HUGE difference in what you can do, where you can go, how you walk.

So, in a long summer of crappy days, THIS is a very good day!!

I just wanted to share that with all of my new Doper friends.

… I’m off to WALK AROUND THE HOUSE now!!!

Have fun, and WATCH OUT FOR THOSE STAIRS!! :slight_smile: Good to hear you’re getting better!

Oh that made my bad knee hurt to read about the screws poppin out!

Glad to hear you are feeling better… now take care!

Glad to hear the good news TVGuy :slight_smile:

So do you still have metal bits in you? Can you go through airport securrity?

Congrats on being able to walk around. The worse I’ve ever done is break a leg, but it was three weeks until I got a cast. Getting it off and being able to be normal (well, as normal as I usually am…) was really nice. I know the feeling.

Scars are entertaining. I just wish there was a less painful way to get them…

Fuck that. Go ride, dude. Shiny side up, this time. :slight_smile:

Wikkit - yep, I still have two GRITBIGGO screws holding my ankle together - replacements for the smaller ones I manged to strip out of the bone the first time around. Total time out of commission so far - 13 weeks! I haven’t had to go through airport security yet - I’m taking a vacation for Thanksgiving and I don’t think we’ll have removed the screws by then, so I’ll have to cross that river when I get to it.

Coldfire - I’d love to and I plan to as soon as two things happen:
(a) I have to get the bike back - it took a while to get parts and it’s still in the shop.
(b) I have to build a little more leg strength to be able to hold up the bike - BUT, the shifter foot’s workin’ GREAT - I’m aiming at mid-September to be back in the saddle.

Thanks all!

Well, if I can crash this ‘injured Doper gets good news thread’ for myself, I paid a visit to the orthopedist on Tuesday morning, and I also got good news!

My background: on June 30th I suffered a sprained ankle on the basketball court. Came down wrong on someone’s foot and rolled my ankle, seen it before, happens all the time. Unfortunately I had done it quite badly – the ankle was the size of a grapefruit when I got home about 10 minutes later, and was still growing.

I went to the ER, was treated by a doctor who characterizeed herself as ‘stunned’ that it wasn’t broken, judging by its severity, and given a hard styrofoam splint and crutches. One visit to my GP, one visit to the orthopedist, and one visit to the prosthetics people later, I was diagnosed with severe sprain of two ligaments in my ankle, and I got one of those velcro/fiberglass/rubber walking casts and a prognosis of 2-3 months before being able to walk, and several more before having the ankle at close to 100%.

But I’ve been working hard with it, taking all kinds of nutritional supplements, doing stretches and using it a little more every day, and the orthopedist said my progress was extremely encouraging and that it was possible that I might be back on the court in one month!! Soon I can ditch the boot altogether and put my shoes on, just like TVGuy!

Where are my manners?? Congratulations TVGuy!