I'm Blind! A holiday haiku.

July 4th, got drunk.
Fell asleep watching South Park;
Dog ate my glasses.

Yeah sure, go get drunk
Then lose your glasses and blame
It all on the dog. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stupid loud-ass hicks
It’s Four a.m. already
Stop the fireworks

My dog gets quite scared
And attacks wife in our bed
Dog spankings occur

Good thing I missed it
At work during the whole thing
Earning triple pay

Morning, I come home
Find scared dog in the basement
Huge mess to clean up
Thank you, I’ll be here all night.

wise man know this,
drunk bastard hides glasses in shoes
when hit the couch

ouch my stupid head
whisky and beer together
are too much for me

my lobster belly
glistens with aloe vera
passed out in the sun

I find your lack of
Faith… disturbing. I offer
Photographic proof.

Worst hangover yet
toilet paper stuffed inside
cranial region

Home before midnight
Today is my birthday yo
This is really lame

Dog ate your glasses
Dog ate your homework too
get rid of that dog

Dog ate your glasses
Better check his hindquarters
Next time he goes poo

Your dog has a plan
Coffeebeans are thus refined
Why not your glasses?

Space girl’s Haiku did
sum up the question nicely
all said in the end
(I loved pace girl’s Haiku)


hungover man wakes,
stands up, and puts feet in shoes
crunch. time to blame dog

the good dog laments,
food guy hungover again
there’s no place on couch

Full metal lotus
liked spacegirl’s haiku a lot
he is a rockstar

Hangover? Never.
Drinking with impunity,
I laugh at mortals.

Laughing at mortals?
How can this be? Perhaps you
Drink like a fisha?

Brown eye has lenses
Better watch his aim next time
Doggie lays cable

A guy from my town
Is the hot dog eating champ
Two years in a row!

Had to work Friday
No bourbon for me, alas:
Double shift Saturday.

My new employment
Inundated by tourists
Stifles summer fun.