im bored, entertain me


I am border. you entertain me!

As you requested.

One of those should unbored you fairly well.

Look! Behind you!

Howard Dean with a budget deficit! Go get him!

does a little dance which includes arms waving, feet tapping, and a stupid grin

Entertaining enough?

Flashes Wesley.

runs away giggling

pants Wesley

runs away giggling

I’m naked in front of my screen.
“Can you see me now?”:smiley:

Well, I was going to do a little song and dance, but now that I’m here, I think I’ll just sit back and watching luluBahrain and Isabelle
Mmmmm, what a show …

Darn, that should be “sit back and watch” … must be old age … next thing you know, I burning your dog …

tippity tap, tippity tap, tippity tippity tippity tap, tatap tatap ta tap tap tap, tatippity tippity tap :wheeze, pant, huff, huff, groan: tappity tappity tappity tip.

Ta da!

Oh you think you’re bored my dear Wesley Clark, hmmmmm? See these tears? Hear the constant yawning?
There’s absolutely nothing to do. Well, nobody’s company to share. Grrr…

Its ok Kiba, we understand. wipes away the tears