I'm braver than "Silo"

I was surprised that Silo disappointed the ladies at the Raliegh gathering. The first rule of being a gentleman is to always do what the ladies wants.

Though one in particular isn’t as lengthy as Silo’s is purported to be, I hereby serve notice that all my appendages are fair game for photos at the Norfolk Doperfest in August. With one exception…

My 15-inch second toe on my right foot.

I’d pay a buck to see those pictures. If I can find a postcard with a buck on it.

Hmmm…if that’s the case, I’d better find an adult-friendly free web host… :wink:

And a camera,
and the time to make it down,
and a decent map so your not late like Raliegh,
and a really nice suck up present for the chief.

Whine whine whine. I was late because Yahoo maps sucks. So you wanna give me a decent map, hon? I have the camera, and the time to go. As for a suck up present…I’m not going there. I only said I was taking pictures.

Oh dear…

Who’s whinin’?

It was aw da big bad Yahoo map’s fawlt!

You wanna map? I’ll give you a map staight to your suck up present!

::Note to self – Purchase T-shirt with arrow pointing at crotch::

Yo Chief! Few things:

  1. You’ve been whinin’ since JANUARY about me coming to a Dopefest. So I think you win the whining award here okay?

  2. Having been down there for college for four years, I daresay I know my way around Norfolk better than Raleigh. I’ll be there on time, don’t worry.

  3. And a map for my present? Oh, you mean the present of my foot kicking you?

“I know my way around Norfolk better than Raleigh.”

I’ll have to gve you that one, Falc. There are 450 sailors here who agree you really know your way around Norfolk.

That’s impossible, Chief. I spent my time with the mids at the Naval Academy…I can’t believe ALL of them got deployed to Norfolk! 300 sailors maybe, but 450?? That’s a bit much.

Norfolking hell yeah…

:::grabs calendar to totally rearrange life schedule:::

Well, that settles it–I am so there!

Oh, dear God, I can see it now. Chief, while giving a tour of his bigassboat, is dared to drop trou. As he has already given this promise here, he is obligated to do so. At just the right moment, an AP photographer gets a shot (so to speak) and suddenly, the word “Tailhook” starts circulating again…

In another “Pile on Falc” post, I’m curious as to where the hell all the remaining pictures from Chicago 2000 are. Lessee, there’s the Dennison’s moving day, and the Raleigh pics, but hmmm…none of the second batch of pics from Chicago.

You’re not yourself today. I noticed the improvement immediately. :wink:

Since this is the Pit…FUCK YOU, Flyp. :slight_smile:

They’re a comin. Is it MY fault Sassy took 90 photos which I have to resize and make funny comments for???

I’m sorry to tell you, Falcon, that you’ll have to resize my photos too after they’re taken.

But on the bright side, reduction is so much easier than enlargement.

Yeah, they did wonders on my breasts.


Reduction? Of what? Yer ego? THAT will be a challenge.

As for other parts…don’t know how well they’ll come out. You KNOW how image quality degrades when you enlarge something 600%. And that’s just to make it visible.