I'm confessing: "50 Shades" made my bits tingle.

Yes, I know it’s lame. But what can I say, I have a solid streak of BDSM running through me (switch). It wasn’t even the sex parts, at least I can say that. It was certain moments when he was telling her how it worked…just sent a few unmistakable Zing!s through my fun parts. (Of course, doesn’t hurt that I’m a fan of Jamie Dornan, whom I first came to know as a disturbingly appealing serial killer in The Fall.)

There. I’ve confessed. Someone punish me. :smiley:

No. :wink:

Now that’s just mean.

It’s amazing that so many people think BDSM is something new. It’s not.

Who thinks that? Certainly not me… that’s how I know about my streak. Thoroughly explored beginning 30 years ago. The movie just pinged it…

Not to mention my work as a vintage pornographer… oh yeah, I just did. It’s a trip to see the “playtime” they were having a hundred plus years ago.

I don’t know that I’ve heard anyone deny that “50 Shades” is good fantasy material, particularly if you understand the difference between RL BDSM and fantasy. The problem is the unwashed masses who don’t know the difference.

Sergio Aragones needs to come out with a special edition of his barbarian comic, on the cover of which he’s surrounded by fifty pairs of sunglasses.

What are your fun parts? These days mine are my prostate and bladder, but it’s not Zings that go through them. :frowning:

Ahem. Those of us who are truly unwashed might beg to differ.

There are people who think it’s new?

Well, I feel punished.

People who don’t know the etymology of S&M, maybe?

Hell, even Waldos joke isn’t new… I first heard that one when I was just a kid. (In the form of what did the sadist say to the masochist when he asked to be hurt…)

I kinda feel ya on that, seeing as how its now been nearly 8 years since my fun bits have had much fun with anyone else. :frowning:

8 years? You slut; it’s been longer than that for me. :mad:

We need a Doper orgy, by the sounds of it.

Ok, but when it comes time for teabagging, I’m a pitcher, not a catcher, remember that.

First the spanking, then the oral sex.