I'm confused that the Steve Almond thread was moved to the Pit

Marley, in this thread, you wrote

But the people being called trolls weren’t posters; they were Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. The idea of debating whether or not such people/institutions should be engaged or ignored seems to be much more of a GD than Pit topic. Is calling anyone a troll really inappropriate for GD?

I’m pretty picky about people putting threads in the right forum, and I was kind of surprised how quickly this one got moved. There was some spoiling of the well in the OP, but not so much to make it an outlier in GD. Seemed like a legit debate to me.

It’s not that you can’t call Rush or Hannity a troll in GD. You can. My view was that a debate premised on the idea that that right wing commentators are trolls and liberals are victims and enablers (and on and on) was not going to remain civil, so it was better to send it to the Pit.

I guess I see where you’re coming from with that, and you’re probably right that it wouldn’t remain civil, but I guess I’m disappointed that now we almost certainly won’t see a reasonable debate on the topic.

Try again and be scrupulously careful about not spoiling the well. I do think there is a legit debate about how the left should respond to FOX, Limbaugh, et al.

It wasn’t my OP.

“Resolved: Conservatives are Great Big Poopy-Heads” isn’t going to turn out any differently than the last nine million times it was “debated”.


I disagree with how you’ve characterized the thread. First, it was about specific conservatives, not conservatives in general. Second, it was about a specific way in which they are great big poopy-heads (their direct impact on the national conversation.) And lastly, and most importantly, it was really about how liberals do and ought to respond. Did you actually read the thread?

Well, that’s the problem, then! :slight_smile:

I’m just going to go ahead and take that as a compliment.

I honestly don’t see the problem. The OP was obviously being asked only of liberals. The debate was not between liberals and conservatives, so there’s no well being spoiled.

I don’t see how you could ask the question without the assumption that right wing media is bad.