I'm cooking lamb neck stew, what about you?

Bought a piece of lamb neck today. I’m turning it into a stew with some red wine, tomatoes, egg plant, apple butter and lots of pepper, cloves and cumin.

It’s not finished, but the sauce tastes very good already. I’m planning on serving it with some couscous and red onion.

So what are you (planning on) cooking tonight?

I made some home fries. I will probably scramble some eggs right into them. Maybe add a bit of melted cheese.

I have a friend who’s a hunter, he uses the neck bones from venison in his tomato sauce and it’s very tasy. Your stew sounds delicious. Me? I’m working overtime tonight and eating alone; there are no leftovers so I’ll just thaw something.

It’s the second night of Passover tonight and we’re going to a family friend’s house for seder, so I’m not cooking anything today.

I am bringing along a dessert that I made in advance, though. It’s a pavlova, which I’ll be filling with Meyer lemon curd and fresh blackberries. I had a spoonful of the curd when I made it on Sunday to make sure it was up to snuff… it’s totally sublime.

I’d never heard of seder before yesterday. Sounds interesting and fun - I’m going over to my parents for easter; probably I’ll cook something there. I’m not much for sweets, but pavlova with lemon curd sounds good.

Yesterday I made my friend’s Cajun salmon recipe again. I made about two pounds of salmon, so there are plenty of leftovers. I boiled some fresh organic broccoli (plenty of leftovers) and made a box of mac’n’cheese (plenty of leftovers). Guess what’s for lunch today? :smiley:

I have a couple of vine-ripened organic tomatoes at home, and some fresh buffalo mozzarella; not to mention California Olive Ranch Arbequina olive oil. If I can remember to get some fresh basil, I can have insalata Caprese.

‘Lamb-neck’ Stu sounds like a silly character name.

Hahah. Actually, I’d never made lamb neck before (I just spotted it at the local Turkish butcher and thought it would probably taste good). I can report it turned out pretty damn good. Next time I might use a little less apple butter (to keep it a little more sour) and add some fresh coriander.

I was planning on making Salisbury steaks. Now, however, I think that I’m gonna drop by your place around dinner time, and bring a floral arrangement.

Passover here- made Mina de Maza (or matzah pie with a spinach and feta filling).

I’m going to pan seer a Denver Strip steak in a nice pat of butter and after it’s cooked I’m taking the drippings and adding in 4 oz of Greek yogurt to create a dressing for some red lettuce. Slice the steak into medallions and add them to the salad. Its sounds good, in my head, as a nice twist on a steak salad and should run about 600 calories.

Spiced butternut soup and a sundried tomato & cheese bread.

Let me tell you a little story about lamb necks. I raise my own sheep and right now, I’m on my third freezer lamb. For some reason, I never got any neck meat from the first from the butcher. The second lamb, all the leg steaks, butterflied leg, shanks and everything else went first. Finally, I had a few odds and ends left; things like the breast, riblets, etc. And one little package of neck meat. I decided to make a stew but I was a little wary and it really was “I guess this will have to do for stew.”

The result was the most delicious lamb stew I ever made (sorry no exact recipe, I think it was basically just a plain stew like beef). The meat was flavorful, tender without being mushy and just fantastic. All these years, I’ve been trying to breed better sheep; now I want to figure out how to breed sheep with more than one neck. That is good eating!

Haha. Nice.

I agree about the taste; it’s a little stronger (and IMO nicer) tasting than beef, but not as strong as lamb usually is - I think people who think lamb tastes too strong might still like this. I think I’m going to tone down the sweet and cumin a bit next time, and maybe cook it a little longer just to get the most of the taste of the meat. But for a first time and using an improvised recipe it was very good.

Interesting and fun if it’s the shortened Reform version. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, tonight’s version is hosted by a relatively Orthodox family, so I expect there will be about two hours of Hebrew readings before the meal proper is served… meaning we probably won’t actually eat until 10pm, and probably won’t be heading home before midnight.

Still, speaking as a non-Jew who has only been doing this for the past few years (as a result of having a Jewish partner), it’s a wonderful tradition that’s worth preserving.

Your lamb neck meat stew sounds delicious, BTW. I loooooove lamb stew with couscous.

I’m making beef & guiness pie.

I can get this ready this morning & my husband can finish the preparations when he gets home from work. I’ve got a feeling that I’ll be working late tonight.

We are having leftover chicken tacos; I have a killer brine recipe with lime, cumin,cilantro and coriander that’s to die for on grilled chicken. I bought a big max-pack of boneless chicken thighs and we have been chowing down on tacos since the weekend.

Tomorrow, I’m going to attempt a new risotto; this one Meyer Lemon and Asparagus Risotto/ except without the Meyer Lemon (can’t find any) or asparagus (SO is a PITA about good veggies so I’m roasting brussel sprouts for myself on the side). Question for adaptable chefs out there; Meyers are supposed to be sweet right? I am using a regular lemon but I have two choices of wine - a Muscato (sweet) and a Chardonney. I was planning on the Chardonney but have been thinking that maybe the Muscato might be better. Thoughts?

Bratwurst. Never tried making it before, should be kind of fun.

Barbecuing steaks.

Tonight’s menu is Asian salad, and steak with a baked potato (with shredded cheese, diced bacon and sour cream), brussels sprouts, and sauteed mushrooms.

They are delicious - but everyones’ meals sound good!

Chicken curry.