I'm Cursed

Tonight I went to get my horse out of the paddock. Mr. Kiger opens the gate, I step through and get stung by hornets who have made their nest in the gate and are really pissed off that we opened it. Mr. Kiger does not get stung.
I manage to get horse out without further incident, and we have a nice ride - i.e. nothing went wrong.
I walk back to the barn and as I’m about to enter… WHAM! 900 lbs nails me in the back. Normally half dead horse has decided to spook for no reason, realizes she has just plowed into me, reverses course, and stands there looking sheepish as I lay on the ground. I thought she broke my leg, but I got away with a really bad pulled muscle, a knee the size of a baseball, and a sprained finger - oh, and my butt hurts too. :frowning:

Oh that reminds me, I gotta spray the hornets nest on the back porch! Sorry to hear about your bad luck, you haven’t been rude to any gypsies lately have you?

FWIW, I avoid horses as much as possible, I haven’t had anything broken yet, but for some reason I get injured any time I’m near one.

I feel your pain!
I haven’t ridden since… well it’s been a few years now. But I’ve had a few horse near accidents before. You really have to pay attention, don’t you?

You sound like Schleprock from The Flintstones. Stay away from me! I don’t need any bad luck to rub off on me.