I'm depressed

I don’t think I’m ever going to make it to my 500th post. Maybe in six more months.

Try alcohol. Gin specifically. It seems to help me.


Insomnia worked for me. Not really much else to do…

Not that I recommend insomnia.

I didn’t think so either, and then next time I looked I was over 2,000.

At my current post rate, I’ll reach 500 posts some time in 2023

It sounds like inertia needs a hug!

Might I recommend the “post whatever comes to mind in every thread you open, whether or not it’s relevant” strategy? 'Tis an excellent way to up one’s count.

There are tons of OTC and prescription meds you can try, as well as many behavioral therapies you can look into. Some are all but guaranteed to at least make you feel somewhat better. I tried several OTC & prescription meds until i realized that SAM-e worked better than all of them.

You are welcome to post whatever the hell you want in all my threads.

That applies to everyone.

I think I’ll drink a beer.

How’s about we not recommend hijacking threads for the mere purpose of uping one’s post count?

It’s not how many posts you have that matters, it’s whether or not you have anything useful to say. Besides, if you have a post count on the low side and you say something, it will only seem more important since you don’t post much.

C’mon, inertia. You can do it! I’m right there with you. Look…see? 499. I can see it…it sparkles! :smiley:

Maybe you should change your user name. Or have a beer.