I'm Drunk

And my typing has hardly suffered at all which makes me think even moreso that the people that post “drunk” adn tyoie like thiks are just faking it for the attention. I’m by no means the world’s best typist… I’m self taught and only manage 55 wpm but if I can do this, I can’t imagine why anyone else but the hunt and peckers would have an issue, if even them. After all, if they’re hunting and pecking, shouldn’t it be a more thoughtful process?

Man, how geeky am I that this is what I think of when I am plastered? But there you go.

Posting while drunk. What could possibly go wrong?

Fortunately, this has gone better than most other drunken posting. It’s really awful seeing people apologize for things they typed and then came to regret.

Maybe we should institute a rule where you have to give up your modem until you can prove that you are sober enough to use it responsibly.

I’m always amazed that I type pretty well while drunk. 70+ wpm and I hardly slow down, too.

There’s very little chance of that happening in my case. Even when plastered, I’m still self-conscious enough that I don’t make too much a fool of myslef.

I think I understand now.

You normally make an ass of yourself when sober, so it’s only natural that you won’t when you’re drunk. :slight_smile:

Pretty much.

I agree. Even when I’ve posted drunk, I don’t make many typos, and when I do I see them and it’s only when I get sick of correcting them that they slip through.

Once a few years ago I was posting drunk from a hotel room using a WebTV type interface and the keyboard sucked, and the infra-red connection would cut out all the time; I think that post was rife with errors.

But, that’s it. I wonder if other people, when they get really drunk, get really drunker than I do so that they lose the ability to type.

So, Aes, I too have the same dorky thoughts when drunk.

Suck. I was going to insert the joke about you doing well enough at that when you’re sober.

Every doper could be given a mouthpiece to breath into and if you’re over 1.0 then your computer shuts down (watch someone suggest it should be 0.8). :stuck_out_tongue:

I posted while drunk a couple of times when I first joined in the fun. Damn lucky I didn’t get BANNED! :eek:

I’m still in therapy after the infamous ass incident.

And funny enough, I was completely sober!

My typing actually gets better when I’m drunk. I pay even more attention to what I’m typing than usual so I can cover up the fact that I’m drunk by not making typos.

In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not drinking.

#I’mdrunk, apparently.

That’s the weird thing, though… not only am I making as much sense as usual, I am actually typing faster than is the norm. I’ve not taken an online test to gauge the speed I am typing but just at a guess, I’d say I’m easily typing 60 to 65 WPM now compared to my normal 50 to 55.

I am, and yes, my typing improves when I’ve had a few. It seems to relax the part of my brain that makes me wonder if I am hitting the right keys.

Old Weller Antique Bourbon. 107 proof. Smooooooooth… :smiley:

You know, your self-concept improves when drunk also… :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what brother? I’m fricking drunk as I’m posting this. I don’t care. In fact, I like to get on the web after I’ve had a few.

Hm. I have to say, I hardly ever notice the drunk posts on this board, but I’m thinking it’s because it’s not the image I have in my brain what 'Dopers are like when they post drunk. You guys have pointed out with sufficient evidence that people who post drunk on here can usually cover it up so they don’t actually look drunk from what they type.

On some other message boards though, posting drunk and making mistakes, knowing that you make mistakes yet think meh, who cares? I’m drunk and submit a post with the mistakes, is a hoot. On this one other boards, drunk posting is almost a must. It’s like an initiation. You can’t fully appreciate the board until you’ve made at least one drunk post. And that’s the way the board is.


I’m rambling. Sorry. I’m not drunk though!

Hm, 7 up yours, it used to be (oh my, here I go with a ‘back in the day’ post) that there was a bit more of it. I clearly remember it being a relatively regular occurance that there’d be a “OMG GOD, I’m so teh drunk” thread in MPSIMS on the weekend. I’m not sure how or why the tone changed so that we see those less frequently. Not that I think it’s really a bad thing; I think we’re a more welcoming community to those who don’t drink, are under age, or are recovering when we don’t plaster (heh) the board with lots of substance use/abuse threads.