Posting while inebriated..any rules to follow?

Are there any protocals or memes one should follow after consuming a bottle of wine and getting on the Dope to post? I want to be sure to do it right. Wouldn’t want to violate some code of ethics or look like a newbie.

Just depends on how much damage control you’re willing to do the next day through a hangover. I’d say spell check, but it probably wouldn’t matter. If you really have a whole bottle before posting you might try wrapping your posts with [drunk]…[/nope, still drunk].

From my experience your best bet is to not post while drunk. You may have noticed gaps in my posting history (though probably not :frowning: ), some of which can be traced back to my drunk posting.

Depending on your intoxication arc, you should probably append: “Need answer fast” to your title.

Offers of lovin’ are requisite. Unless you are an angry drunk, in which case you should you should be prepared to inform people that they are too ignorant, thick-skulled, feeble-mined etc. etc… to be worthy of the aforementioned lovin’.

Whichever way you start, a radical change of mood from one to the other (preferably mid-post) is generally considered pro forma, but you shouldn’t feel obliged.

Based on your OP, I’d say you need to drink more. We’ll tell you when you’ve had enough.

Stay civil. Keep in mind that you may be more “open” than you usually might be, and accept that many feelings may be magnified or altered when inebriated. As said before, prepare for damage control and/or shame management the day after. Be prepared for a “WTF was I even trying to say” moment as well.

Also realize that inebriated you IRL, is not necessarily the same thing as inebriated you online. I have a bad tendency to come here when I’ve had a few too many beers, like wayyy too often. I’m nothing but a happy if not just chatty person when buzzed/drunk, but if I feel slighted, attacked or insulted online, I can be a dick.

Without fail, every single thing I’ve posted that was of questionable content, and a product of inebriation, became a source of anguish for at least the next day if not the next week.

Compose your post in a text file, and if possible, edit and post it the next day when sober. Not many things are important enough to have to post right now.

You got inebriated for a reason, so enjoy that, just try to remember that words posted online tend to stay around almost forever. Cheers.

Just end it with “And Shit,” and you’ll be fine

Old board memes never die!

I thought I read posting while ‘under the influence’ is against the TOC. If I get bored I might doa search for it.

I see inthis thread it isn’t ‘encouraged’ which ended up being closed.

Here’s another that got closed.

I get the feeling that ‘woohoo I’m drunk fuck y’all’ posts are discouraged but actual rules against drinking and posting is not a dealbreaker, just the jerky behavior that drinking can bring.

Another ‘don’t do it’. There have been a lot of cringe-inducing reads of my posts from the night before. I could convince myself I was being ever-so-clever only to discover I was really being a dick.

Then there was THIS recent OP, just three days ago, by bosco88, that was so incomprehensible that it was prompty closed and disappeared. (You can still find it only if you know what to search for.)

Yes, like SeaDragonTattoo says above, definitely do a spell check. :smack:

I thought that error was intentional, like part of the joke… did I just get whooshed?

I didn’t find bosco88’s thread incomprehensible and wondered why you were so quick to pounce. I hope the person comes back.

I wonder if the OP has any response for the morning after? (Or maybe this was the planning phase??)

I spelled “protocol” wrong! I did try to spell check but my computer was telling me that I needed to download the spellchecking thing and that was beyond me. What makes it worse is my ex was a Protocol Officer for a while…I should know that one!

Why was I drinking? I was making a Riesling-Poached Pear Sorbet that called for a half-cup of the wine. The Olympics opening ceremony was on. I needed to sleep after three nights of horrible sleep. Wine doesn’t keep well, and it was good. From a new-to-me local vineyard, Paper Moon (I think…maybe I’d better check the recycling bin!) And once I had a glass I couldn’t take anything for the knee pain, so may as well press on toward morning…

But let me tell you, forcing pear puree through a sieve while tipsy is less fun than you would think.

So I messed it all up…no offers to love anyone up, no churlishness, nothing incomprehensible. And forget bracketing anything! And then I fell asleep.

I’m going to kick your ass, smack your thick skull against the next car hood I see, and dance on your liver. After that, I’m going to pee down your neck.
-Im an angry drunk.

Good God, but you’re a sloppy drunk! You probably staggered into the bathroom, brushed your teeth and put on jammies too!

You need help! What’s in like to wake up in a pool of your own well made bed with a bottle of nice wine in the recycling bin, no cell phone history of calls to ex-lovers and a message board full of people who don’t know any more about you than they did before?

Take a good look at yourself! You need serious, full-on, help.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics! You can never get that time back.

What a hopeless lush. :wink:

There may be rules and guidelines for posting while drunk, but…you’re drunk!
You’re not going to remember them anyway!

That’s why tattoos are such a good idea. Bold print and a font size that makes them easy to read. And none of that fancy calligraphy… that juts makes them harder to read.

And when in doubt, call one of your parents or grandparents and ask them if it’s a good idea to post a picture of yourself wearing a C-String and a smile.

I can’t find Homer’s infamous “posted while stoned out of his gourd” post, but if someone else can find it that probably might help a bit.