I'm either hungover or getting sick.

I had five beers and two cigarettes last night. I don’t usually drink on weeknights, but the man was next door playing Advanced Squad Leader, I’m PMSing again and this is the first week that I’ve worked more than three days in a row in a looooong time.

Good excuses, eh?

Anyway, I have noticed of late that I cannot drink on weeknights without feeling some aftereffect the next day. Even if I only have one beer, I feel a little crappy in the morning. The crappiness always abates after I have some coffee and eat.

Not today. 11:05 AM and I have that dehydrated feeling, a slight headache and the painful eyeball thing going on.

Five beers isn’t enough to hang me over this far. Only mixing beer and another alcholic beverage make me feel this bad.

I think I might be catching a cold.


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Oh yeah… I did have some questions for the teeming millions.

Smoking cigarettes usually intensifies a hangover for me. You?

Do you find that you’re more prone to hangovers as you get older?

:::running off to take some ibuprofen:::

Yeah, I definitely notice that the older I get, the easier I get hungover. Usually I’m OK if I limit it to three. And I’m allergic to ibuprofen and aspirin, and have been warned (by SDMB-ers :)) that I drink too much to take Tylenol, so I’m pretty much screwed.

The cigarette hangover ain’t fun, either.

Cigs dehydrate also. And your body needs good oxygen to repair itself.

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Hope you arent. I finally gave in yesterday and headed to the doc after not feeling great for almost three weeks. Not a bright move on my part. By the time I got there, I had a pretty good fever for the third day and now Im on antibiotics and feeling worse than I have for years… course its one of my busiest weeks at work as well… that always helps… i stand before you having been severely chastised hanging my head in shame LOL

I am me… accept it or not.

Awww, poor Canty, I’d better rush that care package to you right away. Those gummis are full of electrolytes, ya know.

(BTW, I’m not teasing ya, I’m really going to send you some of those big, flat coke gummis as soon as I can find the big package. I’m going to Walmart this weekend-yes, we have a Walmart here now-and I’ll e-mail you when I’ve got them :))

tot that is taterish,


::dreaming about flat gummi cokes::

Keep cowering, Sue: I ain’t done with ya yet.

Three WEEKS?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Okay, I’m definitely sick.

As I used to say when I was a wittle kid:

My froat hurts.

::running off for one of those cool medicinal lollipop bears::

Canthearya send some of those over here too pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I am me… accept it or not.

What is this? Everyone with “Can” at the beginning of their handle is sick?

::making some nice hot tea for Sue::

Which reminds me: My Liberian friend told me that I should make myself some ginger tea. Grate about 1 tsp. of fresh ginger into a cup, pour boiling water over. Drink while hot.

Man, that sounds good.

Canthearya, I make ginger tea with just a pinch of red pepper (in the teapot, I mean, so it doesn’t end up in your cup), and I serve it with lemon juice and honey. That and a bowl of chicken soup will make everything all better.

I’m not sick, but my ears have been stuffed up for days, and my husband has a nasty cough, so you can count me in the “sick cats” count.

Sorry, Canthearya, I misread the first sentence of your post. I thought it said “Everyone with “Cat” at the beginning of their handle is sick”.

Maybe I really am sick. Or maybe it’s just Friday.

That’s okay, Cat. I’m changing it to “everyone who has ‘Ca’ at the beginning of their name is sick”


I’m not sick, but in response to the OP…hangovers DEFINITELY get worse when you get older. I never got a hangover, not even once, til I was 22. Sometimes I wonder if I damaged my stomach lining in my madcap youth, because now I can’t have more than, like, three drinks without barfing.

Smoking cigs always makes my stomach hurt worse the next morning, too.

I hope you all feel better soon!! The ginger tea with red pepper, honey, & lemon sounds like a wonderful thing for a URI…ought to clear you right out & soothe your throat, too.