I'm engaged!

Good news, everyone! She said yes!!!

Kathleen and I have been dating since 30 December 2001. Our first date, in Mount Dora, went very well. We immediately planned to have a New Year’s Eve date, which went even better.

And then we had a third date, and a fourth and fifth, and so on…


On Saturday night, we went out with some friends – had some Italian food, listened to some jazz at the Lakeside Inn. Then, Kathleen and I retraced the steps of our first date (in reverse) – we sat at the fountain and got romantic, then went past the restaurant where we first ate, and ended up at the lighthouse where we first talked to each other.

I was shivering (50 degrees is considered cold in Florida…) with the wind, and stood up. She stood up with me, thinking that we were about to leave, and I hugged her with my right arm while my left hand grabbed the ring-box out of my left pocket. Then I fell to both knees and popped the question.

Whoo! She said yes! Whoo!

I’m a fiance. Aren’t you happy for us?!

I’m very happy for you. Congratulations!

Well done mate! Congrats!

Damn! Nice job, there! Good ambiance, hell I just used an airport departure gate. Congratulations!

Congratulations!!! What a perfect way to end the year, huh?

Congratulations, may you have a long and happy life together.

Congratulations! Hubby and I just celebrated our 14th anniversary, and I’ll tell you that marriage (to the right person) is the most wonderful gift that God allows we mortals to have!

W00! Doesn’t it rock finding someone who loves you in spite of yourself?:wink:

[sub]I proposed in bed. Nyah:D[/sub]

Thanks, all! I’m very excited! I haven’t been able to sleep much these past few nights. We’re going to see her family tomorrow, in New Jersey (I hear that it’s cold up there…). That will be great, since I really like her folks and sisters.

Incidentally, BonoVox, we’re both big-time U2 fans. You may also be one.

Damn right I’m happy, for both of you! On the grand scale of things, not much matches the miracle of “two hearts meeting”. Seize the happiness, hold it close and let cynics go whoop unheard.

Congratulations and best wishes to both of you!


[sub]Good wishes are redundant, y’understand, because you’ve both worked your own miracle, but it’s generous to share your joy with well-wishers.[/sub]

As Veb said, you have created your own little miracle…the gift of love to each other.

And my own little prayer for you…may you always be happier than you are today.

You are blest…I am so glad that you know it!

Wow! Great news. People are just popping the question all over here this week…

Couldn’t happen to two more wonderful people.


Love you both, you know that. Great news, AlbertRose. Big hugs to Kathleen AND to Sheila (the dog).


Congratulations! :smiley:

Congrats! <g> May things go great.