I'm feeling very evil today, how are you?

I feel like loki. since rolling off my futon on to the floor, i’ve decided to be very mean and evil to everyone around me. so i yelled at my cats, gave dirty looks to people on the subway this morning, yelled at my boss and told him to speak up when he asks for my help after he asked for some 'cause i can’t hear his whiny little voice, (he didn’t like that), :smiley: then suddenly i start feeling even more evil, i really want to make people suffer today. don’t know why, just do. i feel like insulting every human in my presence today, though i’m not really angry. I rolled off on the same side of the bed, i didn’t even take a shower today though. i felt like being stinky. i wanna trip the next guy to walk by my office. i think i’ll stand outside and stick out my foot when the next sucker walks by. wish i had stuff to blow up around here…

I’m right there with ya buddy!

I’ve felt that way for weeks. At first it bothered me a bit but now it’s sort of fun. I think it it a riot to watch the expression on someones face when I tell them what I am actually thinking. Not the stripped down, PC moderated version, but what actually comes to mind. I find it really amazing what people will take as an insult…even if it is not intended as such. I do not mean to be insulting, I have just become VERY intolerant of sloth, ignorance, stupidity and I have given up trying not to step on peoples toes.
Why is it that when someone acts like a moron and you tell them so, they get pissed? Is it me? I don’t think so…

“Don’t ask me now what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want me to…”

Life is like a pubic hair on a toilet seat - eventually you get pissed off.

A.L.L.A.N.: Artificial Lifeform Limited to Assassination and Nullification

hehe, how fitting for the day. :wink:

Just get on with yo’ big bad evil self and don’t let nobody grind you down.

I’m right there with you. Had a horrid show last night, I’m pissed off at my sister, have a killer headache, and a crap load of INCREADIBLY boring work (taking periodical board breaks for sanity’s sake). And I went out Wednesday night and spent a lot of money on summer clothes. Sure, I needed them. Sure, I have sassy clothes now. But dumping my purchaces on the counter, I said “Boy, am I gonna regret this tomorrow…” And I do. Bleck.

Just wait, hon. Three days and you can go watch the city blow thousands of dollars worth of explosives up. It’s always cathartic for me.

I hate Limp Bizkit, but “Break Stuff” makes me smile when I am in a mood like this…

SwimmingRiddles, will you marry me?

:::hands swiddles a huge diamond:::

Do I get put back on your list? If so, okidoki. As long as I get to occationally break into “Boys and Girls” just to watch you have a “Ni” reaction. :wink:

YES!!! We can get married in the Doperville Church i suppose, though i subscribe to no dieties or anything like that. Might be fitting. Your’e on my list woman!
and sing to your hearts content. :smiley:

damn! now i’m feeling less evil.
and to top it all off, even after my remark to my boss, i get a half a day today.
jeez, try and piss some people off and they just let you down anyway. wassup?

Maybe he gave you a half day because he knew you were cranky and didn’t want to deal with you. :smiley:

And as for the ceremony, as you can see in the religion thread, I subscribe to Brookeism, which…eh, just read my last post in there. No dieties are fine with me.

I always feel like that. I’m not pissed, I’m just E-vile. Nobody gets it but me and one or two friends.

I’m not mean, I just tell it like it is. I’m not angry, some things just piss me right off. I’m not bigotted, I’m an Equal-Opportunity hater.

Woah, I’m just like Lexicon…



You know, honey, with symptoms like that, if you were a woman, people would say you’re PMSing.

Take heart. At least you don’t have a period to go with it. :smiley:

thanx shayna, i’m sure glad i don’t. :::wipes brow:::

hell yeah! i’m gone. nobody’s gonna hear from me for a looooong time.

or at least until wednesday. i’m going camping. me, and the mountain. it’ll be a nice thing. no evil, no meaniness. hope y’all have a happy 4th.

especially you Swiddles :wink:

I always go out of my way to make everyone else’s day a living hell.

back from vacation up in the mountains, beautiful, cured of all my ills of the city i think. peace has been discovered again within my heart and soul. then guess what…
i drive into manhattan again, and what’s the first thing to pop out of my mouth? “DAMN FRICKIN WIERDOS, GET OUT OF THE FRICKIN WAY!”
Traffic sucks, wierdos everywhere, lots of mutant illiterate non english speaking maniacs walking around aimlessly and joblessly. the air stinks, and i realize again how damned lonely i am in my not quite quiet 2 bedroom in Queens after this whole breakup thing i thought i was over. I hate everyone outside when i open my door. should i just lock myself up inside and become a hermit?
I can’t even meditate lately, there’s just too much on my mind, and i really am starting to feel like i wanna lash out at everyone for being such a$$holes when i know it’s really just me.
I made remarks to my buddy today upon returning to the city that i would never have said before. Even went to a strip club tonite and drank up some which i never do. I think the darkness is seeping in, i’m crossing over to the darkside, and i think it’s the only way to go…
from beautiful skies and deer not more than 10 feet from me at any turn, a hawk flying at my eye level for some time, and bubbling brooks and streams and fresh springs to this. all in just a matter of hours. Evil evil evil, is all i can think of becoming to save myself. I think perhaps i need to destroy some lives tomorrow when i wake up. maybe i’ll feel better then. Ciao.