I'm finally decorating my apartment

So, I’ve lived in this apartment for over a year(15 months actually), and I finally realized that I am completely sick of apartment bland. You know, off-white walls, tan carpet…the works.

So, recently I decided it’s time to do something about it, and I started researching different possibilities for changes that can be easily reversed. New furniture was not an option, cause, well, mine is perfectly good, so why should I spend the money. The mini-blinds have got to go, and some curtains hung, but that will wait until the sewing machine is fixed.

I ran across fabric as wallpaper, “glued” up with old fashioned starch, the kind that comes in a bottle, and is thick and sort of gooey. I found some(non-colored) at k-mart, and hunted the fabric stores for pretty, all cotton calico type fabrics, since that was suggested by most of the sites I saw. I did make the decision not to purchase too much fabric, just in case it didn’t work, or I didn’t like it.

I have one wall done, in a pretty lavender and off-white pattern-it’s sort of flowery, and does well with the off white that’s on the other walls. I liked it so much, that as soon as it dried, I had to move a picture to hang on that wall.

I am just so proud of myself for doing this, especially with the 9-foot ceilings and a short stepladder(my eyes keep wandering over there while I type). Now I need to figure out what I’m going to do in the bedroom. Anyone have any good color scheme ideas? I’m thinking something with a solid blue or dark purple on one wall, but I’m not sure. I have light wood bedroom furnitue, and my quilt has an assortment of colors in it, mostly light colors. I’m not great with deciding what colors look good together, so any general color schemes will do. Another possibility is to leave 2 walls the color they are now, and doing each of the others in a different color. I just can’t decide(but I can’t wait to see different things when I come home from work)

What kind of over-all effect would you like to achieve? Do your tastes tend more towards modern stuff or a more traditional look? What style is your furniture?

I’d keep the mini-blinds, if I were you. They’re great for letting in light while maintaining your privacy. If they bother you, you can always pull them all the way up so they’re hidden by your (future) curtains. You can make curtains without the sewing machine by just draping fabric over a curtain rod.

Someday soon I intend to redecorate my own bedroom in sort of a northwoodsy style. For one thing, we’ll have tab curtains and a comforter cover in blue and green plaid. As a contrast to the “masculine” plaid, we’ll have an eyelet lace dustruffle and pillowcases. I think plaid and lace look cool together.

It all depends on your personal style. What do you like? What are your interests? What are your favorite colors? What sort of mood do you want in the room?

I did the starch and fabric thing in my bedroom and it’s still hanging after 4 years. The color of the starch doesn’t matter, as it dries clear, in case you need more. Twice I have resprayed it with water and patted it back in place.
Be careful of using a solid color, as I don’t know how you would hide the seems where the panels come together.
I agree about the blinds, just raise them all the way up and make your valances long enough to cover them. They make pretty good insulation when it gets cold.
I’m not too good with colors either, so I usually find a photo I like, or a piece of fabric and use the same colors as they did. Even if the room is totally different, the colors will still look good together.
Good luck!