I'm freaking out about a final

So I took a final today, and finished it in under an hour. It was written to be a two hour exam. That’s ok, I pretty much am always the first one done, I test fast. However I’m trying to remember what all the questions were, and can’t. There was a review session where the professor said what types of questions would be on there. For example he said there’d be a pipe flow problem ( I think.) I didn’t do any pipe flow problem. Did I skip a question? Maybe two of the pages stuck together, man would I be boned.

Email your prof or TA and state your concern. They can look at your test and see if you answered everything - if you didn’t, that freaking sucks, but at least you’ll know. Good luck with that. I’m waiting on 2 of my grades currently…and freaking out about one grade - class with only midterm, research paper, and final - and my midterm grade sucked. Paper was due right before final, so don’t know grades for either of those.

Remember that what profs say are on tests isn’t always the case. I’ve had them tell me that XY&Z were going to be on the test and only AB&C showed up. Sucks, but there it is.

I’m with myskepticsight. Couldn’t hurt to send an email to the prof and ask. When do the results come out?

Definitely email the professor and ask about it. Sometimes a copy of the test will be run off that’s missing a page or, as you suggested, two pages will stick together. Either way, it can’t hurt to speak with the professor about this and it could make all the difference if something did, in fact, go wrong.

I e-mailed my TA since the professor never gets back to them. He said I answered everything, also that I got full points on the first question.