I'm getting a vasectomy!

Yup. I just booked the initial appointment for Oct. 7, and I’ll get cut on Oct. 21.

Blueberries, anyone? :eek:

Blueberries? :confused:

May I just offer you two words: ice bag.

Don’t sneeze.

heh-heh. Per this board (I’ve been looking for the link, but can’t find it) the advantace of blueberries over ice cubes, is when the blueberries thaw you can eat them! :smiley: :eek: :smiley:

I wonder what 50’s dad would have to say about this nonsense of you gettin’ a vasectomy lad. Now go play some sports and get your mind off this communist business sport. :smiley:

BWAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA!!! One of the google ads is for lighted plastic ice cubes!

Personally, I used frozen peas. No juice to leak on the couch.

mr bus guy Guhzuntheit. Huh?

swampbear Well, I think 50’s Mom made it pretty clear: red threat or no red threat, if 50’s Dad can’t keep them soldiers from marchin’ they’d better stay in their barracks.

5que For the sake of science, I’ll rotate peas, blueberries, and ice. We’ll have some definitive answers in a few weeks.

Heh. I’ve got half a mind to buy them for this special occassion.

Actually, at the moment of snippage, it’s probably more important the doctor doesn’t sneeze.

Or develop a case of the yips.

Indeed. There’ll be no mulligans, Doc.

“Um, yeah, I’ll take ‘Thread Titles That Make My Husband Whimper’ for $1000, Alex.”


[far side]
*a dog is in a car, leaning out the window and talking to another dog]
“Hah, hah, Rex, first we’re going to the park, then we’re going to the hardware store, then I’m going to the vet’s to get tutored!”

Good luck with that.

If you lived in the UK, you could have seen one today being carried out LIVE on TV. At 11 o’clock in the morning. On an ordinary, free-to-air channel.

I hope this link works.

The geezer whose cobblers were on full view to the British public was called John Klapwijq - his surname is worth 672 points in Scrabble.

A friend of mine had one. Snip snip (Snip?) he was on his way home a couple hours later. Last I saw the marrage was a lot better.

Mine damn near killed me (literally), but after recovery, it was a big boost to the marriage.

Hope for all your worth that you don’t hear the doctor utter the word “Oops”.


If you have a choice of doctors, get references. Seriously. Some doctors are better than others and lead to more or less post operative pain based on differences in technique. My neighbor had a bad experience and so I was able to shift to the better doctor. I had no problems with mine at all.

I think every guy on the planet should get one, as Mother Earth and all her strange and wonderful creatures would be better off without humans. But I’d be curious as to what your reason(s) are for setting up the appointment? Please share. Thanks.

In all seriousness, are you getting the laser option? If so, can you post an update? I have a close friend considering this…