I'm getting married on Friday!

As this thread shows I proposed last year to the love of my life. Well, this Friday, March 5th at 11:27 CST, I will be walking down the aisle to say “I do.”

After the small, intimate ceremony we will be bound for Hawai’i for what promises to be an exciting honeymoon.

As this is my second marriage I am a little nervous even though my bride is nothing like my ex. But mostly, I am happy that a new chapter of this grand adventure called life is about to commence, and I get to experience it with a partner.

Wish me luck!



Ungrats Uncle Whitey! (I like your name)

Congratulations! I love weddings,I hope yours is as magical as mine was. Have a blast in Hawaii:)

Aw, I just read the proposal thread. So sweet. Congrats, I wish you the best.

Wishing you both luck and joy in your new life together!


I hope you two lovebirds have many wonderful adventures ahead of you.

Your soundtrack for Thursday.

May your knot stay tied for a long and wonderful time.

Congrats! It’ll be great! I just got married not quite two months ago, and it was the best day of my life… I hope yours is, too.

And have fun in Hawaii!

And when come back, bring pineapple pie!

Thanks for the warm wishes, everyone! Little more than 24 hours out.
And counting…
Oh, and Serenata67, when one goes to Hawai’i shouldn’t the phrase be “When come back, bring poi?” :smiley: