I'm giving up alcohol. What should I expect?

I don’t really know what prompted it but I’ve decided to quit drinking alchohol. Stopped on Monday, the 24th.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not an alcoholic. I don’t go out and get blotto every weekend or drink until I pass out (have never passed out from drinking alcohol actually), but I have enjoyed a drink or two (or occcasionally three) nearly every evening for the last 20 years. For whatever reason – really, I don’t know why, just feels like the right thing to do – I’ve decided to stop.

So, what should I expect to feel physically and psychologically? What prompts my question is that I’ve had a headache in the exact middle of my forehead for two days now. I don’t usually get headaches. Is this the mysterious “detoxing” that I hear about?

Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.

I also drink a small to moderate amount on a pretty daily basis. When I don’t, I notice two things. Better sleep and some weight loss.

You may find that you as well as other people are no longer as charming, witty and exciting.

You might not notice much difference. I drank about as much as you did, quit when I started trying to conceive, and didn’t notice that I felt much different.

Now, if I try to stop drinking caffeine, that’s a whole nother kettle of fish. I also cut down on that when I got pregnant, and noticed a big difference.

Are you planning to stop drinking altogether, like never having a drink again? You might find that people in social situations get a bit weird if you don’t drink at all with them. You don’t have to make any excuses, though - if you don’t want to drink alcohol, just don’t.

This is my guess as well.

Know your options. There’s no reason you should have to be stuck with whatever can of soda is behind the bar.

My experience as well. Even on the short term, stopping alcohol consumption is the first thing I do if I find myself having trouble sleeping. Within 48 hours I’m usually back to normal.

Oooh, I hadn’t thought about that, tho’ I am sure that I will remain just as fabulously witty and entertaining as ever. :smiley: Other people? Umm, not so much.

Am looking forward to the weight loss and better sleep part.

I don’t know if I’m going to stop “for good,” like never take another drink again, or not. Right not, it feels like the longer I go without, the less likely I’ll be to want to drink again, but who knows? It’s only been 4+ days, for crying out loud.

I’m thinking about the post-memorial service family gathering I attended last weekend. I drank A LOT there. (As an aside, I wonder if watching my cousins get completely sh*tfaced inspired me to change my evil ways.)

Anyway, if I were in that position now, I think I’d bring my own sparkling water and lemon slices so my lack of alcohol consumption wouldn’t quite so obvious.

At a bar, of course, it’s easy. I love Bloody Mary mix. Leaving the vodka out would just leave more room for the mix. :slight_smile:

I stopped drinking nine years ago… I still dream about being drunk.

I still have temptations, but never yet so strong that I’ve succumbed. This, I think, is the key thing to watch for. You may (or may not; everyone is different) find yourself having sudden impulses and sharp, unexpected temptations.

For me, the hardest was when a good bud, at his place, offered me a cold one. I wanted it, but managed to say, “Ah, no, thanks, I had to give it up.” He was fine with that and gave me a glass of iced lime-ade.

Believe me this: if I can do it…you can!

One, two, or three drinks an evening?

I don’t understand; this isn’t a problem in the first place.


jay, pls keep a diary of this. If I’m not put in prison on tuesday I may have a go at this as well for a week or something as I’ve been getting far too smashed recently.

Expect your better half to dump you because you are suddenly way too boring.

Only half kidding. Hope everything turns out well for you.

Issues with substances aren’t determined by any particular number but rather if the person feels that an issue exists. A person could drink once a month and be an alcoholic.

I have quit drinking three times, each time about one month.
I did not notice a difference in energy, attitude, or anything else.

The first two times I quit I was a pretty heavy drinker- probably
a 6-pack a day average at least. The most recent time I quit was
three months ago. I had gradually decreased beer intake to less
than 2 beers a day.

One reason for lower consumption is I can no longer stand to
drink when hungry. If I pour a beer after my stomach has started
growling the chances are I won’t be able to finish it before I
absolutely have to get something to eat.

I know that’s the party line nowadays but I don’t believe it. I know they don’t have to get fucked up every day or anything, but once a month? That’s a very halfass alcoholic. If you can’t even be an alcoholic right, then you’re a failure as a person and you may as well drink.

I stopped drinking because I was getting hangovers from a ridiculously small amount of booze (like, two beers). Alcohol isn’t something anyone needs to survive; I support anyone who wants to stop drinking - life goes on just fine without any alcohol in it (and you save a lot of money and calories, and you get to laugh at the silly drunks, too!).

I stopped drinking when I started Weight Watchers just over a year ago, it was really easy. The only challenge was to find a substitute drink that I could enjoy in the evenings. I went with bottled flavoured water, my favourite being orange and mandarin.

Good for you!

The only thing you will have to watch out for is that you will have to settle for better looking women in the future.