I'm going camping in Canada

Woohoo! I’m going to Canada for this weekend. I’ll be w/o the SDMB for just over 48 hours, but I’ll live.

(random statement of the day)

I went camping up at Lake Okanagan last year. Very pretty.

Um, where in Canada, exactly?

Camping? Will you be Oscar Wilde or Liberace?

Why are you being such a hardass! You know as well as I do it doesn’t matter… it’s all the same!

Camping in Canada? It’s still igloo season up there. Mosquito season doesn’t begin for another few weeks yet.

I’ve gone camping a few places in Canada, my favourite was Cape Breton Island.

Gorgeous and fantastic, apart from my bearophobia :frowning:

It was aboot an hour west of Cornwall, over near the NY boarder.

And ironically I got sunburn on my face… ouch

Since I live in Canada…I can say this…

If you are going to come camping here…you need to camp in the west! It is beautiful there…


The snow is gone!!! I actually got a sunburn today…so suck it up princess…pack up your camping gear and head on over! The ice isnt off the lake yet, but we can go for a polar swim! :smiley: