Well, I'm going to go shovel my walk now...

Well, I’m going to go shovel my walk now.

Are you done yet?

“Please, take me with you.”
I’m sunburned, sweaty and dreading August.

While you’re still in work clothes, would you mind coming over and cleaning out my gutters.

(I gotta get back to that area. The missus and I spent our honeymoon in Banff and Lake Louise. Absolutely Go-juss!)

featherlou’s frozen to death on the glaciers of Calgary!! :eek:

I wish I were there, featherlou. Well, specifically, I wish I were on my snowboard at Lake Louise. The mountains around Seattle have all turned to slush and mud.

You’re welcome to come to Georgia, lou, where the seasons are Almost Summer, Summer, Late Summer, and Christmas. (Bring mosquito repellent, we’re all sold out.)

I wasn’t sure if anyone would get my rant - it’s the end of April, and we’re still getting snow fairly regularly, along with sub-zero temperatures. We’re so fed up with this non-spring here that I don’t even have what it takes to rant about it anymore. We’re just about reduced to whimpering, “Please, sun, can’t you come out and make it warm here? Please?”

(You wanna hear something funny, Abe Babe? I’ve told Jim that under no cirmumstances do I want to honeymoon in the mountains - they’re too cold! Even in late August, we would still freeze at night there, and you can never swim in the lakes. I want to go to a nice, warm lake in Northern Alberta instead. Everything’s relative, I guess.)

Can you believe it? Since 1 week ago. 95 degrees last Wednesday. Earthquake on Saturday. 30 degrees and snow, freezing rain yesterday. When do the locusts arrive?

There’s a saying about the weather in the Adirondacks, if you don’t like the weather here, just wait an hour and it’ll change.

Spring, I neeeeeeeeed Spring dammit!!!

Lilacs, bluebirds, the lake warming up to 60 degrees, 2 months of warm weather.

It’s time to move to Northern Cal and buy a vineyard.


Honey (In long-johns again)

Yes! Lilacs! I need lilacs! And I need them NOW!!!

It was sunny and in the high 80’s today. Beautiful breeze. And low humidity. I’m so glad I left Buffalo!

Oh, and the lilacs are lovely.

It was Summer at noon today. It’s now midnight and Winter.

Someone call the janitor, the weather’s broken.

So a mild winter up North means we don’t get spring until June? For REAL?

Oh yeah, northern Alberta was a really pleasant place to be today.

It was fucking freezing and besides the icy wind that was howling all day we even got some snow.

Global warming?

David Suzuki can kiss my pasty white frozen ass.

Neener neener neener… It’s a beautiful, warm, not too breezy 70-something here right now.

But I’m stuck in my office anyways. :frowning:

And for today’s weather, high of +3 C with a chance of flurries. April frickin’ 24th, no less. “Ooh, I love Canada. Ooh, I love living in such a wonderful country.” Oooh, I have to go out and scrape off my car again. I’m losing it, baby, losing it, I tell you.

Your losing it reminded me of this. :smiley:


No, really, I’m not having hysterical laughter; it’s perfectly normal laughter. Really. Wisconsin, apparently, is an honourary member of Canada. The freezing rain part slayed me - probably not so funny to any Quebecers reading it. I remember a freezing rain here a couple winters ago where you literally couldn’t walk it was so slick. And the roof caving in - Vancouverites, any comments?

I had to read the title a few times and still saw it as “Well, I’m going to take my shovel for a walk now.”