In my humble opinion... IT'S TOO FREAKING HOT!

I was outside a little bit ago. It’s like 90°F out there. Although I was walking in the shade as much as I could, the heat was bouncing off of a nearby wall.


Man, you really need to move.

I checked the weather for SD about a half hour ago just for curiosity. It’s supposed to be 10 degrees cooler tomorrow. So maybe you’ll get a break.


:: sigh :: It’s going to be a long afternoon.

How about a swap? You come up here to sunny Toronto, where it’s been -15 for a few weeks …

actually, it’s starting to warm up now, but it’s still bloody freezing … my toes are still numb, I think

This weather blows. What happened to winter this year? Did it decide to stay east?

I totally agree! I hate heat. I hate Los Angeles. The only reason I live here is I love Rico. But, dammit, it’s still winter!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

We drove by a bank thermometer at lunch. 92°F. :rolleyes:

Oh, and they were trying to get me to leave for lunch when I started this thread. I forgot to note that when I walked over to the The Block (an outdoor mall), the air was full of zillions of gnats. Lovely.

It was 4 F in Niagara Falls this morning. Bleah. I’ll split the difference with you–47 F doesn’t sound so bad to me, and probably not to you either.

Since when is 92 degrees too hot? That is just about right in my book. It is freezing where I am not. I must live in a different Conceivable then you do Johnny

I would give ANYTHING to be TOO FREAKING HOT!!!

The heat is making my Phalaenopsis drop its buds :frowning:

This sucks - you’d think being in an office building where the temperature is well regulated would be safe for the plant. It’s so hot outside that I can’t put the orchid within 2 feet of the window or it freaks out because it’s a comfy 72 degrees on one side of my desk and close to 90 on the other. I just hope I moved it in time to keep most of the buds intact.

Duke: 47°F sounds very nice.

Since I was a kid. I never did like it hot.

Maybe you’re dressed to Scantilly? :smiley:

In Conceivable: Hm. Interesting username. Of course, I’m in Conceivable – not in In Conceivable. Just wanted to make that clear.

too. Not “to”.

I thought it was too hot today as well. It was maybe in the low 40s. I wish we could go back to a week ago, when it was in the 10s. Just about right.

Very clear. And quite a relief. I hate it when people are in me and I am not even aware of it. :slight_smile:

I’m about 70 miles east of LA and it’s hot even here in the mountains. The AC was switched off in my classroom so the heat would go on in the morning.
I try to plead with maintenence to for get the heat, we’ll wear jackets.
I feel cheated out of my winter.

It’s 4:08 pm and according to weather bug it’s still 91. It’s January. WTF!!!

And in my humble opinion, all you’re doing is bitchin’ about the heat, ya wimp. Off to the BBQ Pit!:stuck_out_tongue:

This all reminds me of a joke that a comedian I saw today said.
He was ranting about how the 24hr weather channel is a bad idea then commented on when they show the weather for all of N.America they keep the US is F and Canada in C. So he figured some American is watching this and figuring that the temperature suddenly drops as you go north.
“Detriot, 93 degrees. Toronto 23. Holy crap! It dropped 70 degrees!”

I’d swap for 90F. It was 43C here the other day (that’s about 109.5F for you metrically challenged folks.) Just remember to pack your cossie (swimsuit) - I’ll bring a sweater :smiley:

I’m between Johnny and Roadwalker–yeah, they’re squashing me!–and I must join in the gripefest…

These pissant wisps o’ pitiful excuses for “clouds” don’t do a damn thing to mitigate the heat or the glaring sun, which zooms right into your eye during the morning commute. :mad:

Next week, I’m breaking out my sun hat, which I haven’t worn since my summer trip to Lost Wages. Sheesh.

Global warming starts here.