It's too hot

Yesterday downtown hit 91°F. It was a few degrees cooler where I live, on the west side, but it it’s really too hot. I tried to take a nap, but the breeze blowing in through my window was like the exhaust of a clothes dryer.

I suppose I could have bought a parking place down by the beach and I could have jumped into the polluted water, but there’s no shade at the beach and I don’t relish the idea of being in the sun. I could have jumped into the pool, but little kids like to go in it and I think they go in it.

I put a box fan in the window, so I had a fan cooling my feet and a fan cooling my torso while I slept. Of course, sleeping under the fan has caused my sinuses to give me trouble. Nothing like waking up to find you’re drowning in your own mucus!

I hope I can find a job up in Washington where it’s nice and cool. Or maybe the company will lay me off like they said they would last October and I’ll collect my severence package and unimployment insurance.

I hate So. Cal. weather.

Oh Please trade with me then!

Its been 50-60 for almost a month now here In Cleveland.
I hate it.
Its May!
It should be 70-80!
ANyone wanting to put up a woman and her son in a hot climate, please lemme know!

Hear hear!

I was just completely apathetic yesterday. I got the bare minimum of chores done, and then retired to the couch to read. Ugh.

–scout, major weather wimp

I hear ya Johnny L.A.

It’s supposed to hit 101 here today. And like you said sleeping under a fan does weird things to a person.

vanilla: Unfortunately, Cleveland isn’t in the Pacific Northwest. Gotta live near the salmon and dungeness crabs, doncha know!

I thought it was suppose to get cool and breezy here in Long Beach; instead, I succumbed to the heat and layed still under a weak and futile fan for several hours.

Ugh, I would trade in a heartbeat. Massachusetts is dreary and 50 degrees today. :frowning:

Bring on the heat! Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. A few days of 100 degree weather, humidity hanging on you like a wet blanket - them’s my kind of days.

Plnnr- who lives in Virgiinia and knows about heat and humidity.
PS Try turning the box fan in the window so that it blows OUT if you haven’t already done so (also, make sure that all the other windows in the house are closed). It pulls the hot air out of the house. You’d be surprised how many people get this backwards.