I'm going on a rocket ship (game)

I’m going on a rocket ship. Want to come? I’ll let on board if you bring two things. What will you bring?

I’m bringing a carrot and boots.

Freeze-dried astronaut ice cream and a bottle of Febreze.

Beer and Whiskey

I’m bringing a pool and scissors.

A toothbrush and roll-on deodorant.

Everyone up through twickster is invited. Everyone but you. :smiley:

Even though it’s roll-on? :confused:

Pizza and beer!

Yes, you’re invited aboard, even thought it’s roll-on.

I guess I should have said “inclusive.”

wipes away a tear, stills trembling lower lip


ETA: Ah, okay, on reread, that makes sense – I was wondering how s/he’d made it on.

A blanket and ranch dressing.


I’m bringing Harry and Potter.

Fine. I just came in here to steal your carrot anyway. (what did you think I was planning to do with the ranch dressing, after all?)

I guess I’ll bring the coffee and glasses?

I’ll bring air (in bottles) and Scrabble (in a box).

I’ll bring the Tang, and lots of water

Not on our rocket ship, you won’t…


Bolt-cutters and a sessile quadruped.