I'm going to be a girl.

Well, I’ve always biologically been a girl. Now I’m going to start dressing/acting like one. I’ve just had this urge recently to start wearing makeup, carry a purse, wear skirts, hang out with girls, etc. I even found a perfume that I really like. This whole situation is really strange for me.

I had female friends when I was younger (though my first real best friend was a boy) but since about 6 or 7 years ago, halfway through high school, I’ve just hung out with guys all the time. The problem is…I have no idea how to make female friends now. I know I had them when I was little, but I don’t remember how I met or became friends with any of them.

Anyway, just felt like sharing.

Well, congratulations. I hope it works out for you.

I tried being a girl once, but I didn’t have what it takes.

Good luck.

I tried to be a girl while I was planning my wedding, and I didn’t manage to do it. I used to do astrophysics, and that was easier…

I read the OP three or four times before I realized you weren’t coming out as transgendered. Must work on those comprehension skills.

In any case, I kind of know what you mean – I’m in a bit of a phase like that myself; a “debutante” phase as I told my therapist. I’m starting to dress better, taking more care of my hair and skin, and trying to improve the way my apartment is decorated (a losing battle, so we’re probably going to move next year). Yes, I’m becoming even more stereotypically gay than I already was.

I… don’t think I’m built for being a “girl”.

I’m a bit old for it, for one thing. :slight_smile:

Yes, I hung out with boys when I was a young girl, and even when I was an old girl. It came back to bite me, however; now that I’m a middle-aged woman, guy friends are hard to come by and I never learned how to make girly friends. Besides, I’m childless, and 95% of women my age are all about their kids and even their grandkids - we haven’t much in common.

Oh, well, at least I have the SDMB.

grats, Seren. I like [del]girls[/del] women. :smiley:

I can’t afford to be a girl right now. Girly stuff is expensive.

My definition of a beauty routine is brushing my teeth before I get to the office.

Jewelry is good, though. I’ll always gladly accept that.

Break some hearts. :wink:

But not too many…

Yeah, I did the girl thing for a while. A short while. But I got bored with it and now I’m back to regular ol’ me.

Yeah, I can completely identify with that. Learning to choose and apply makeup is one of the hardest things I’ve tried. I’m always afraid I look like a clown.

Exactly my intention. I was hoping to lure in more people that way. :smiley:

That’s one of the things I’m worried about actually. Not trying to imply anything about your situation. I have no tact. :frowning:

I’m just tired of being the best friend. Time to be the girlfriend.

That’s not my only reason for doing this, of course. Just one of the many.

Yeah, I’m not really enjoying the expense or extra time in the morning that being a girl entails. (I like sleeping in.) And the diet…ugh. I think I’ll always be a steak and potatoes kinda girl.

I’ll do my best. :cool:

Just be careful: One day you’re in your late 20s, minding your own business, and you meet a very cool guy who becomes your best friend – 5 years later, you’re hanging out with his wife, getting your very first manicure! :eek: :wink:

(It really wasn’t that traumatic; in fact, since then I’ve gotten another one. And my first pedicure! She likes to joke that she’s going to turn me into a girl whether I like it or not. At least, I think she’s joking… )

So … you didn’t have the balls for it? :smiley:

I hear ya. I started being a girl about the age of 29. It coincided with me losing some weight and deciding to show off what the good lord gave me. Probably the hardest part was going from loose baggy jeans to stretch lowrise bootcut jeans. I am soooo glad I did though. Truly, the old ones made me look fat and short.

Updating your wardrobe is expensive though, so I’m a big fan of Target. They have good inexpensive accessories (purses, belts, watches) and clothes. I even bought gasp a skirt there! I also shop at Old Navy, though it can be hit or miss.

I still rarely wear makeup. Those super-long-wear lipsticks are awesome, though. I [heart] Lipfinity!

I can pass as a girl…until I open my mouth, that is. I curse like a sailor and use the word ‘dude’ way too much.

To complete the illusion, however, my toes are usually painted a nice shade of pink, I wear skirts and blouses and have lots of pretty shoes with high heels.

I’m kind of working on being a girl. But I’m with UrbanChic with the vernacular :slight_smile:

I can’t hang with makeup on a regular basis. I know it makes me look fab but I think it’s just too much of a pain when you’re sweating :slight_smile:

Can’t do the purse thing yet…

Best I’ve been able to do is be really concious at how good some shirts can make my boobs look. Boys like boos, right? :slight_smile:

I also paint my toenails but I got in the habit because one nail had fungus. lol

Good luck Seren. It’s a long (and expensive!) road.

I waxed my legs last week. I bought a pair of high heels. I own fancy underwear.

I, too, am becoming a girl.

Still not gonna do makeup, though. That stuff is scary.

I never was a terribly good girl. Boys were less catty and made better friends, levi’s and a tee shirt was easier than a dress and chemistry was way cooler than talking about movie stars. Then I met girls that were smart, poised, well dressed and only catty when others deserved it. This at least made me respect my gender. Then I got a boyfriend. And while he fell for me when I was in jeans with chemical burns and unflattering tee shirts, I like dressing up and looking pretty for him. I’m suck a bad feminist … Although one day I was with him and came to the realization that I had worn pink for the last three days, including a dress the night before and I would have to go home and rebuild a transmission or something to regain my normal balance.

Good luck in girldom. It can be a fun ride.

You sound like an excellent girl. There’s no reason to get stuck in a rut; flexibility and competence are both good. :slight_smile:

I still have to say that pink is a horrible color. I’ll only wear what pink genetics provides me.