I'm going to college!

Whoa. I feel like I’ve been starting a rediculous number of threads lately, and this one is written in a very different attitude than my last thread. But, this (in my opinion), is most certainly a thread-worthy announcement.

I got accepted to one of my top-choice colleges!

Yes, University of Bradford, located in West Yorkshire, England, has told me that they’ll be willing to have me beginning in September of 2004, for the Peace Studies course.

does the ‘I got into a far-away school’ dance.


Not much else to say. Too busy looking gleefully at the nice li’l slip of paper from the mail today. :smiley:

Yay! Congrats, NinjaChick, and welcome to the wild world of dorm life and all-night study jams. Just remember to pack lots of socks and underwear and you’ll be fine.

'Grats. NinjaChick!

What the heck is Peace Studies?

Just your friendly neighborhood atheist right winger askin’.



:: happy dances ::

“Peace Studies??” :confused:

Is that one of those near-worthless majors where the only job you can get after college is teaching of some sort?(This is from a Mechanical Engineering Major.)

First off, big hefty congratulations with ribbons tied around them are in order.

Second, just so you know (not that it should matter), Bradford won’t be quite what you’re expecting.

It’s home to India’s largest South Asian community (mostly Pakistani) so while you can great triffic Balti food there, it isn’t much like people expect it to be (ie. like the rest of Yorkshire, green, hilly, and full of beardy men in flat caps who say “ye” instead of “you”).

And whatever Peace Studies are, they sound awfully soothing :slight_smile:

Peace studies, for those who asked. Short summary: More or less ‘useless’, to a point (as most people do not end up persuing a career in “peace studies”). Personally, I hope it shall eventually lead me to a career in journalism or politics/diplomacy. Something of that sort. And since I’m a Flaming Liberal Hippie Socialist Peacenik, it sort of makes sense.

Thanks for all the congrats. And I realized that I now have sort of reverse senioritis: my guidance counselor is always inadvertantly making me feel that American high schools are inferior to British ones. So I’m now bound and determined to learn everything I possibly can and ace my IB exams this spring, in order to Be Prepared. Which, I suppose, puts me slightly better off than many of my friends who are already slacking off.

Congratulations, that’s wonderful!

Don’t forget the nail clippers and the stapler. People always forget the little things when they go away for the first time.

I just knew that I always liked you!!!

This sounds wonderfully intriguing to me – both the dales and the diversity and the area of interest. Will you be close to Harrogate?

I’ve always wanted to ride naked on horseback across the moors, but I suspect I’m a little beyond that now. You do it and tell me what it’s like…


The vision boggles my mind, Zoe.

Congrats, NinjaChick. I’m even glad to see Flaming Liberal Hippie Socialist Peaceniks get what they want. Good Luck!


Bradford, huh? Not far from here. Out of interest, why Bradford in particular? If you were coming to England anyway, there’s so many universities you could have chosen from. Not that I’m disagreeing with your choice, it’s just a general wonderment.

Wow, heading to England for college… sounds fun!

Just curious, is it very common for kids to attend foreign universities where you come from? I’ve never heard of anyone from here doing their undergrad anywhere but the US.

I live in West Yorkshire when I’m not at uni. Cool.

Oh, I forgot! And congrats!

Nope. Of the four hundred some seniors at my school, I know of one other person who’s applying to a foreign school (McGill, in Canada.)

The peace studies program there interested me, and it basically ended up as a ‘why not’ type of thing. That’s really how I’ve been doing the whole college thing thus far, as why not’s instead of whys.

Hey man, I wouldn’t be so smug with a ME degree. The only thing mine got me was a crapload of interviews and no job. So now I’m back in school working towards a history degree. Hmmm…speaking of those near-worthless…


Odd, that I consider it odd that an American would consider McGill to be a foreign school. I mean, technically it is, but since many Canadians go to school in the states, there’s a bit of an “it’s the same” thing in my mind!

Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful time in England!