I'm Going to Disneyworld!!!!

I notice that after a big sports event (Super Bowl, McGuire hitting number 62, etc.), a few days later a commercial will appear with the following sequence:

(Lots of hoopla in background: crowd cheering, cameras flashing, etc.)

ANNOUNCER: Hey Mark McGuire, you’ve just broken the all-time single-season home run record. NOW what are you going to do???

MCGUIRE: I’m going to Disneyworld!

Well by golly I watched the game where McGuire hit #62, and during the ensuing hoopla, he never said a thing about Disneyworld, to anybody (AFAI could tell).

Four questions:

  1. Do athletes actually say this after a big milestone (winning the championship, breaking a record, etc.), or is it some clever editing by Disney?

  2. Do these athletes actually GO to Disneyworld at some point?

  3. Are they paid by Disney, in advance, to say that after the big milestone?

  4. When did this practice get started? I seem to remember seeing old clips of people doing something terrific, being asked what they were going to do, and then saying they were going to Disneyland (prior to 1971, that is. Disneyworld opened in 1971. Before that there was just Disneyland).

To answer your questions:

(1) Yes. It is generally recorded immediately after the event. Twice, actually, bearing in mind commercials for Disneyworld AND Disneyland.

No word as to if there is an “I’m going to Euro-Disney” spot for soccer players and Formula One victors.

(2) A few have, with a ton of publicity centered around it, but I doubt all have gone. I’m sure if they wanted to go, the fine folks at Disney would have made arrangements for them.

(3) Before the Super Bowl, players likely to be named MVP or have major contributions to the game are offered contracts to say the magic phrases after the game. My guess is they get a small amount even if their team gets killed and/or they do nothing to distinguish themselves as a Disneyland/world traveller.

Usually they run up to the MVP and get the announcements and the major bucks provision of the contract kicks in.

(4) I am not sure who was the first athlete to have this honor, but I do know it was a Super Bowl MVP in the '80s.

Yer pal,

LOL, when I first saw the title of your post I thought YOU were going to DisneyWorld and I thought “he should save that money for a new car!” Sorry!

I thought the phrase was “I’m going to Disneyland!” and was the paripatetic remark most often voiced by bumpkins on the team that had just won The Rose Bowl. Back home, it might have been viewed as the ultimate achievement in travel destinations.

I believe that’s what the losers say as they slope dejectedly off to the locker rooms.

I don’t know if it is always the case, but on some occasions the Disney people have killed themselves to get the bit on the air during the last commercial break of the actual game.

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Satan said that he thinks the first person to do this was a Super Bowl MVP in the 80’s, but I think the whole “I’m going to Disneyland” (notice I said -land) goes back further. Didn’t some child actress from back in the 50’s gleefully announce that she was going to Disneyland???

Maybe so, my dredlocked friend, but the OP was specifically about sports figures doing it.

[[(4) I am not sure who was the first athlete to have this honor, but I do know it was a Super Bowl MVP in the '80s.]] Satan
I’m not positive, but I believe it was … Phil Simms. That was the first time I ever heard it.

BigIron: I don’t know if that’s accurate - I think it was Montana in a SB before Phil - but it’s certainly a nice thought…

Ah yes… Phil, with his helmet-hair all messed up, huge smile on his face, having just completed a greater percentage of passes than any QB before or since in the big one…

Can I continue to dream? And forget abiout the ass-whooping the Cowboys are gonna give us tonight? PLEASE?

At least I still have the Yankees…