I'm Going To Go Insane!

Here I sit, in front of the computer at work. Nobody calling in, nothing to do but surf the net. 7 hours to go… OF TRYING TO AVOID ALL NEWS OF THE USA/GERMANY GAME!

I don’t think it can be done.

Don’t any of you bastards post any links anywhere in here either, because I am just not that strong. What makes it worse is I have the whole internet here and I am so limited. No ESPN.COM. No, CNN.COM. Nothing… I came to the SDMB because I thought it would make things easier. No! In fact, I watch the ** <spoilers> US/Germany <spoilers> ** thread grow by the minute and I know I’m missing out on great soccer action.

And frankly it’s killing me!


Games over you should go read the other thread now.

Shut it you!

I don’t think I made it clear. I’m taping the game so I can watch it w/ no idea of what happened.

This is so doing me in! 6 1/2 hours to go!


Good luck!

Well, you’d might like to know that the US beat Germany … in WWII. Damn Nazis. Seriously though, Germany proved to be better … at making high end stereo equipment. Had anything from GE? They suck. Still, you have to be impressed that the underdog Americans could pull off such a victory … against the English at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War. Washington was a great man. That said, today Germany was first … to get up in the morning (timezones and all).
Just doing my part to stamp out sanity.


I’m gonna have to get out of MPSIMS entirely. I’m sitting here watching the number of posts in the US V. Germany game go up and going… “Wow… everybody’s still posting. It means we won right? No, it means they’re talking about the game. But everybodys getting up and can’t believe it! No, they’re talking about where Donovon, Beasley and Mathis will be in their games in four years and reminiscing on a successful cup”

Beeblebrox-- you suck. :stuck_out_tongue: