I'm going to happy hour in 30 minutes! What drink do you recomend??

I’m going to happy hour in 30 minutes! What drink do you recomend??

Pretty much self explanitory! I want to order something that tastes good. I usually always get beer, but I’m looking for something a little different today!

I was thinking of a “white russian” or a “colorado bulldog”. Never had either.

Any opinions/suggestions on what to drink?!?!?!

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Bahama Mama!!!

yeah… and you can get a drink too!

Happy hour will have some good food for cheap. if you get wings, don’t I repeat DON’T get a white russian.

If you are are having something that doesn’t.

How about the Ol’standby - Captain N’Coke. Can be had with just about any food item.

Or to go with your username how about -

Sea Breeze - vodka/cranberry/grapefruit

Cape Codder - vodka Cran

Long Island Ice tea - Vodka, Gin, Rum, cointreau, sour-mix - coke. safety tip if you are a lightweight don’t get a LIIT.

I’m no light weight!

I’ve been known to polish off a 12 pack and more of beer.

I think that means that for a girl, I can hold my alcohol. :slight_smile:

Sea Breeze sounds good!!

If you normally get beer, why not try a lambic or something like that?

Jack Daniels Hard Cola is excellent, as is Smirnoff Ice, Mikes Hard Lemonade, and any of the Woodchuck Ciders.

Rum and Coke with a squeeze of lime. Mmmm…

If you like the taste of cream soda… get a vanilla stoli -n- coke…

Kalhoun, I believe rum and Coke with lime is called a Cuba Libre. That’s what I call it, anyway. That’s also just about the only way in the world I’ll drink a Coke.

Cuba Libre – that sounds good!

My standard drink is a vodka gimlet: it’s vodka (with little taste) and lime juice. Sour and limey and oh so good. And it doesn’t make me feel like a sixteen-year-old girl when I drink it, unlike white russians :).


Or a Bay Breeze, which I prefer, which is vodka/cranberry/pineapple

Or a Mojito, which has rum, lime and mint, very refreshing.

My favorite festive quaff:

Fancy Panties – White Rum, Iced Tea and a splash of Coke

Have fun!:smiley:


I second the gimlet, vodka or otherwise.

If you’re sleepy, go for a “bullmeister” Jager and Red Bull. Sounds gross, but actually tastes pretty good. Otherwise, I must recommend my old standby, Jack and Coke

Or, just a simple shot of some decent tequila. Sauza Tres Generationes is my current favorite. (I’m fairly sure I didn’t spell that right.) If you’re drinking good tequila, DON’T USE THE SALT/LIME THING. Completely kills the taste.


Vanilla martini = YUM

(And I’m a beer girl too! The above drink is a nice change now and again.)

jackelope & Kalhoun: a Cuba Libre (coo-ba lee-bray) down south (S.A.) is made of Ron (rum), lime, cola, and a dash or two of Angostura bitters. For a cocktail shaker full, use half a lime.
Breey: If you’re gonna hit it hard all evening, it may be a good idea to pick one mixed drink and stick to it. If you become adventurous and slam back all sorts of liquer-based drinks tonight, you may pay for it in the morning - especially if you decide to add your favorite beverage, beer.

Breezy, even

Just a suggestion: As a former bartender, let me recommend that you don’t order obscure cocktails unless you know what’s in them. A huge pain was always when someone would come up to the bar, take forever to order, and then finally come up with some “Red-Headed South Beach Cruiser Grapefruitini.” They’d obviosuly either read about it in Cosmo or had one at a TGIRubyBennigans place, and when I’d say I didn’t know that one but would make it if they tell me what’s in it, they have no clue.

long island ice tea.
might as well get as much alcohol as you can in your cocktails.

this is known as irishgirl’s budget drinking plan.

peepthis, surely everyone knows what’s in this, right?

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