I'm going to have to fire my friend.

In retrospect, probably. I’m certain I made the right decision in firing him – for the company, for the team he manages, for me–but I can’t help feeling guilty. I know his kids and I know I’ve made their lives harder. I’ve been in a shitty mood all day.

The downsides of managment are rough on the psyche.

Congratulations to you for actually getting it done quickly and as cleanly as he would let you.

If you’re anything like me, the guilt will fade in time, especially if/when you find out that he’s gotten another job, or conversely, that he’s unable to keep a job due to attitude. Either way, you’ll feel less like you personally attacked him, and more like an impartial hand of employment fate.

Sorry for the sucky day! :frowning:

Best firing line I ever heard of:

“I don’t know how we’d get along with you but starting tomorrow we’re going to try.”

No, you didn’t. Not in any way, form or fashion. He did. Had he done his job, he would still have it. The only things a manager can do are:

-make sure the termination does not come as a surprise. The behaviours should have been discussed and documented until it was clear they would not change.
-if the employee is just in the wrong job, move them to where they could be successful. If you judge a fish by it’s tree climbing ability…

If you have done those things, you have done all you could.

I’d give these fish at least an 8.5.

To friend (with resignation): “I cannot kill my friend.”
To henchman: “Kill my friend.”