I'm going to Uppsala --- what's there to do?

In three weeks, I’m headed off to Uppsala, where I will have ample time to wander around and gawk at all the Old World charm. What’s there to do in Uppsala, O Swedish Dopers?

I haven’t spent much time there, I’m afraid, but I do have a couple of tips.

The cathedral and castle are the best known landmarks in Uppsala. There are very few tall buildings in Uppsala, as they’d obscure the view of those two; that’s how highly valued they are by the locals.

There are two major botanical gardens (Botaniska Trädgården and Linnéträdgården), but I wouldn’t bet that November is the best month to visit them.

Uppsala is very close to Stockholm, so if you have the time for a daytrip there I could give a lot more tips.

I lived in Uppsala for seven years. It has the oldest university of the nordic countries. You should look inside the main university building. If you are a student you can get a guest pass and check out the student organisations (nations) pubs. It would be easier to give tips if you tell us what you are interested in.

Nearby Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala, the former townsite before old Ostra Aros was turned into modern Uppsala in 1270) are the remnants of the old medieval cathedral (with a smaller church on part of the site) and burial mounds dating back to the 6th century or before, which in local folklore are alleged to be the burial places of Odin, Thor, and Freyr.

Wow. It’s been over 20 years since I was in Uppsala. Seems there was a lot of alcohol involved. But I do remember walking around the city, checking out the architecture, hiking, hanging with friends, and having coffee and rum balls at Ofvandahls.

The Vasa Museum is in Stockholm, some ways from Uppsala. But it’s absolutely worth a special trip, and from a lot further away than you’ll be - certainly one of the best museums anywhere.

Well, I am already getting my guest student card squared away. I already plan on seeing the castle and the cathedral, since I hear they’re simply breathtaking, especially to a 'Merkun like myself, who’s only ever seen castles at Disneyland… :confused:

And a day trip to Stockholm is a possibility, though that’s not certain yet. I’ll certainly go see the Vasa Museum, not to mention Gamla Stan. Since I both arrive and depart from Arlanda, it might be worth my while to have a quick poke around Stockholm before taking a train to Uppsala, but I doubt I would want to after 14 hours on three different planes.

Any good places to eat, other than the nations? I’m willing to try anything at least once.

If you have any interest in botany, this is the 300 year celabratory ofLinnaeus, who whupped up and defined nomenclature for plant species, based on shocking truth of plants like their sexual aspects. As said above, now is probably not the best time to view Swedish gardens. But, Linnaeus, man, a real humdinger. I made it a point to pay homage going there some decades back. As a college age person then, nothing else really stood out, even with an exchange student friend from back home to guide me.

That was long ago, though.

IIRC the oldest autopsy theatre in Europe is in Uppsala. Or at least a very old one. I have a photo of the slab (and my friends) somewhere.

There is a train from Arlanda that goes directly to Uppsala so I wouldn’t recommend a detour to Stockholm first day. If you have three weeks I think Stockholm is worth at least a couple of full days of exploring.

This museum is what Johnny L.A. is talking about, well worth a visit in my opinion.

For food I think you would like Lingon or Domtrappkällaren (not a english site).

I think there’s a truck stop, which is just as well because it’s just as far out from Kenora as you can get before your eyes start to – oh, the Swedish one.

Holy crap, really? Man, I gotta see that! Where is it?

Wait, duh, in the Museum Gustavianum… :smack:

Is there an upside to Uppsala? :slight_smile: