I'm gonna be on TV today! For a good cause too!

Yup. Big (or small) Young Me is gonna be on TV today helping out for the CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) Telethon. I get to answer phones and take pledges from about 9ish to 11?

CHEO is a great hospital… I broke my arm when I was 7 and they were the only hospital within quite a distance that would even take me because I was small and local hospitals couldn’t handle my size.

They’ve been talking about closing down the cardiac section lately. A GIANT rally was held just the other day and over 55,000 signatures have been put togeather to keep it running, the nearest children’s cardiac centre is 600km away in Toronto. So if you live in and around Ottawa please help in any way possible to fight and keep it open.

(I’m the youngun with a blue checkered shirt, blond hair, and a white necklace, oh yeah, I’m single too :wink: )

wait… I think I have to wear a school shirt :frowning:

NDHS :slight_smile: Goooo Notre Dame!

I’m not anywhere near Ottawa, so I guess I won’t get to see it. But congrats! You get to be famous and help out a really good cause at the same time!


And while I’m here, I’ll throw in a plug for another great hospital, Royal Columbian in New Wesminster, B.C. I recently broke my shoulder (Zyada started a thread here a while back), and I was very impressed with the attitude of the staff, even in the face of our crazed government cutbacks and the current doctors’ dispute. (They went to ‘binding arbitration’ over their pay, but the government didn’t like the results so they legislated the settlement away, along with the contract clause about arbitration. What happened to ‘binding’?)

I won’t see your appearance, but I’ll be there in spirit.