I'm gonna burn a hot one in hell for this!

I recently got a new phone. I was unable to keep my old phone number. So they gave me a new one. Whoever had this number before me, was very popular, as I get a lot of phone calls/text msgs for this person. Normally, when I get these phone calls/text msgs, I just send back, that the person they are trying to reach, no longer has this number. That was, of course, until today.

I get a text msg from a girl. She sends me a pic. An attractive girl, wearing a tank top and short shorts. Underneath the pic reads:

her: Hey, you coming to my friends b-day party?

[me being fed up with all these calls that aren’t for me texts back:

Me I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet.

Her [send me a pic of her topless!]

Me [thinking she’s hot] OK. I’ll come if you send more pics.

**Her[/b ]: [Sends pic of her topless] :eek:

You won’t burn in hell until you take a pic of your junk and send that. (just be sure she’s over 18!)

So annoying.

Makes me glad I’ve had the same number since 1994! I hope I’ll be able to keep it forever just because of the recycled number crap.

bolding mine

My first thought.

Semi off topic hypothetical - if you’re not sure, what’s the proper course of action? Erase it and hope for the best?

Soooo, you’re going to the party right? :smiley:

This could end badly for you- soliciting naked pics when you KNOW she thinks she’s sending them to someone else.

Just sayin’.
Plus, karmically, bad move.

Don’t listen to the haters. People around here tend to get uppity when given the opportunity to judge someone else’s ethics.

You did good son, you did good.

You’ll do better if you’ll share the pictures with us so we can determine if she’s hot enough for you.

Why can’t I ever get this kind of wrong number?

No no no, it’s not to see if she’s hot enough for him, correct protocol for this is:

Show us the pictures or it didn’t happen!!!

I think you need to get a pic of her and the friend having the party topless.

So, you’ve got the address for the party, right? :slight_smile:

I second- Cite?

They have warned Betty White to stop doing this - she sends those pictures of herself to thousands of guys, waiting for them to show up at the party.

Not to be a spoilsport, but this seems pretty skeevy to me. Pretending to be someone else to trick a girl you know nothing about into sending you tittie pics? Sure, it’s a cute story, but that’s a real person you are talking about, and even if she occasionally chooses to send someone (who, for all you know, could be her devoted husband) nudie pics it’s wrong to take away her right to make informed choice about who she shares her sexuality with.

She’s bugging her devoted husband to come to a friend’s b-day party and doesn’t know his phone number? Bit of a stretch don’t you think? And he didn’t take away her informed choice, she threw it away.

I’ve been turning this around in my head a bit. Picture this:

Anne married fresh out of high school when she got pregnant, and her husband was immediately sent to Afghanistan. She struggled to make it and raise her child, who turned out to have special needs, and counted the days until her husband was home. What she didn’t know is that while she was away, her husband fell in love with a nurse. The day he arrived home, he gave her divorce papers to sign. Desperate and hearthbroken, she sends him pleading texts, and he responds hot and cold just to keep her wound up. In a futile desperate attempt to get him back, she sends him a photo of her breasts, the one thing he admired. It’s her final shred of dignity, her absolute bottom point. But, she got the number of his new cell phone wrong and sends it to an unknown person.

You get the picture. Would your response be “Haw haw haw post pix we wanna see her tits?”

But, you say, she’s probably not a sob story. She’s probably a college girls who likes to get drunk at parties and pick up guys. Even if she’s the dumbest sluttiest college girl in the world, she still has the exact same right to choose who she does and does not share her sexuality with. Tricking her into sending you pics would be exactly as wrong as tricking Anne into sending you pics.

And you did take that away. What do you think she would have done if after the first pics you had said “Hey, sorry, I think you got the wrong number. I think you are pretty cute, though. Want to keep talking?” She probably would not have sent you more pictures, right? And you knew that, right? Which is why you didn’t say exactly that. You knew she’d make a different choice, so you took away her right to choose.

Would it be okay to pretend text your buddy’s wife pretending to be him in order to get her to send you pictures of her boobs? Would it be okay to set up a fake plastic surgeon’s office to try to get people to send you nude pictures?

Wow, we start out out with a cute little anecdote and wind up with Ann Landers on crack.

Let 'em have it Sven, I’ve got your back!

::assumes guarding posture and raises batleth::

You get a free pass on the first topless picture because you didn’t ask for it.

But once you asked her to send you more pictures, you crossed the line.

Plus think of the poor guy who’s apparently missing a really promising invitation.

I didn’t read a cute anecdote. I read about a guy that solicited pics from a girl of unknown age he knew was attractive (which Diogenes the Cynic was surprisingly envious of given his posting history) and was happy when he scored some topless ones. Then he tried to get more topless pics from someone that may be mortified if she finds out a stranger (she’ll probably think of as a pervert) pretended to be the guy she knows and thought she was communicating with. He also used the bullshit excuse is that the reason he did it was because he was fed up with getting calls that were intended for the person that once had his number. Now anyone that brings this up will be found to be a prude or a hater.