I'm gonna slip her the pork

My wife loves gobbling my pork! I pulled my pork out of the freezer, and it’s in the meat locker of the fridge so it will be thawed for next week.

Usually I cook it one of two ways: Low-and-slow in the oven, or low-and-slow on the charcoal barbie. But I keep seeing these slow-cooker recipes. While I have made ‘BBQ beef’ for sandwiches in a slow-cooker, I’ve never made pork that way. I’m a bit dubious. I mean, it’s fine for shredded beef sandwiches, but I wouldn’t make actual beef ribs that way. ISTM that using a slow-cooker for pork would be pretty much the same as the beef. I can just not shred it, but I wonder how it will come out.

Has anyone made boneless ‘country-style’ pork ribs in a crock pot? How did they turn out? If they turned out well, what’s your recipe? I can make them the regular way, but the slow-cooker would be nice for my lazy side.

The easiest way to do it is just low and slow, with something in there to hold the moisture steady; I’ve had excellent results with thick cut pork chops and a couple cans of Ro-Tel. However, this is likely to provide the shredded pork sandwiches you mentioned earlier. When cooked for less time, you get some fantastically tender pork chops. I have also done a pork roast in this manner, and basically, you have to make a point of checking it every half hour… or just say hellwiddit and let it go low and slow for four to eight hours, and you have very tender shredded pork. Mind your moisture levels!

Never tried it with RIBS, though…

I’ve never had any moisture issues when serving my piece of pork! There’s a lot of water and fat in the meats I use. The thing I don’t want is shredded BBQ pork. It’s safer to slow-cook it in the oven, but I’m feeling especially lazy next week.

Country-style ribs turn out very well in the crock pot.

Add whatever blend of a sauce to 'em, ignore 'em, leave the lid on, and let simmer on low for 8-10 hours.

Generally, I’ll mix bbq sauce/ketchup + brown sugar + vinegar + minced onion + dried parsley + garlic powder + black pepper + cinnamon + allspice

Use enough sauce to liberally coat the chunks of Wilbur, the cooking will produce lots of pig juice n fat to wallow around in.

Now you got me wantin’ to try that.

Pork carnitas! Pork shoulder, jalapenos, onions, garlic, pork rub and either an orange or orange juice. Nummy!

I like to slice along the length of a pork tenderloin, forming a sort of canoe (kayak?) shape, fill it with blue Stilton & apricot, black pudding & apple, or somesuch, tie the meat back up, brown it then roast in the oven immediately for 12-15 minutes at 180 centigrade. Gives the impression of fine-dining with little effort (except the tying of the meat, which is fiddly).

They work just as well as low-and-slow in the oven, which is just fine. There’s really almost no difference between cooking in a slow cooker and in a Dutch oven in the oven, other than the slow cooker is slightly easier to set and leave alone.

Cooking in the oven feels like cheating. Cooking in a slow-cooker really feels like cheating!

Well, I still have a cold – which I didn’t have last week (until Tuesday). So not being especially energetic, I washed my hands thoroughly (which I would do in any case), patted my pork rub into the meat, and put the three country ribs into the slow cooker. We’ll see how they turn out in several hours.

Is it done yet??

Yes, definitely. I love it so much from the local Mexican restaurant. It’s the best meat they cook.

Though I think they add a bit of citrus–though I’m not sure. I’ve wanted to get their recipe forever.

I do pork shoulder in the crock pot frequently. I like to make pork chili verde, with green salsa. One thing I do that adds flavor, is cut the pork into large chunks, 2"x2", and quickly brown them on the grill. They don’t need to be cooked through, just a good sear on the outside. Then just put them in the crock pot with a jar of your favorite salsa verde and cook them on low for 4-5 hours. The pork gets pull-apart tender, but has some of that grill flavor coming through. I’ve made my own salsa verde with roasted tomatillos and green chilis, but the jarred salsa was just as good.

It turned out well. Not as good as the other methods, but definitely tasty. Before adding BBQ sauce I drained off the liquid and made gravy for the mashed potatoes. Mrs. L.A. said the gravy was very ‘dead animal’ tasting, which is good. She ended up eating too much.