I'm graduating with honors!

I just got an email today that I am going to graduate from college with departmental honors. This is the first academic award of any kind I’ve ever really gotten. It’s so exciting!

Hey, good for you!

Are you graduating next May? After the fall semester?

It IS exciting. I have two kids in college and can appreciate all the hard work you’ve done. Congratulations!

Good for both of you! Who is this “Honors” fellow?

Kidding! Congratulations!

Congrats! How long 'till we see your breathtaking films on the silver screen? :smiley:

Seriously, good luck in pursuing your chosen path, whatever that may be.

Congrats… (of course, you’re a doper, so none of us are surprised :slight_smile: )

Congrats. Shoot, after all the crap they put you through, you should graduate with a medal.